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Rene van Densen: Guest Comics & other loose stuff

Slow Wave: Zygote Dream

Slow Wave for May 5th 2001, based on one of my dreams

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Comment from author: Slow Wave is an awesome weekly comic by Jesse Reklaw. People can send in weird dreams that they've had, and he draws them. I managed to remember one of the weird dreams I've once had and sent it in. Quite a while later I got an email from Jesse that drew my dream and that it was up - I had to ask him to correct my name since it was spelled wrong, but it was hardly the first time someone spelled my name wrong. You don't even want to know how many different names I have if I have to believe the addresses on all the mail I've reveived in my lifetime.
Anyway, I thought Jesse did an awesome job on the comic, and I've been proud of having dreamt it ever since I saw the end result. Published here with Jesse Reklaw's consent.