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PROBEERSEL.COM is a friendly online web community for new and struggling comic artists.
We believe in sharing our art with the world for free, and we leave copyright and responsibility of their own material with the artists that join the community.
All we basically do, is host and facilitate comics, graphic novels, cartoons, and artwork, for any artist we think can offer our audience quality. We do not censor the artists in this community. If an artist has joined the site, he/she is responsible for their own work. PROBEERSEL.COM believes in the freedom to express yourself in any way, without fear of taboos or any other restrictions society and commerce generally put on artists. The only restrictions PROBEERSEL.COM enforces on its artists is the use of standard image sizes, for the purposes of userfriendliness and professionality.
We don't just let anyone who claims to be a comic artist join. Our belief is that if we have a group of enthusiastic, interesting artists who put quality work out there, they should be surrounded by the same. Therefore we take great care in auditioning new artists. That way, we try to assure the value of our community to the artists that are in it.

All artwork on this site is free to read. No fees are paid to the artists that provide them. The entire site is run by enthousiastic volunteers. We don't require sponsorship, we don't ask our audience to pay for any of the artwork, we don't want banner advertising. Anything promoted on PROBEERSEL.COM is being promoted solely for the reason that we think it should be promoted.

To find out more on how to audition for the community, or any other way you might want to contribute to the site, click here.

Who is who

Central point of contact is our webmaster e-mail account.
Below people form the Staff:

Owner / founder / main sponsor: René van Densen
Auditions contacts: René van Densen - Sionnain Comeaux
News / links / feedback / communications contacts: René van Densen - Sionnain Comeaux
Technical contacts: René van Densen - Gregory Cathalina - Tom Geelen

For a list of the artists on this site, as well as an overview of the comics, click here