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About the comic A Year In Satan's Purrrgatory

Satan & DamienSo, what do you get when you throw two strange, single friends and a psychotic cat together in one house ?
No, this is not the slogan for Big Brother XXVII. It's not a riddle like the scary drunk guy at the bar tells you on Friday night, either.
What do you get ? Simple. You get a year's worth of comic strip material.

René van Densen, his roommate Agazyr, and cat Satan all exist in real life. And they really do live together. And most of the things Satan puts his two owners through on a weekly basis, is based on fact, as most of their friends can verify for you.
Satan & DamienThis weekly comic premiered on February 10th, 2002, simultaneously with a large redesign of the site. It soon received quite a positive response from the audience, and became one of this site's main attractions.

As the title suggests, there is only one year's worth of strips. René van Densen preferred not to continue the concept endlessly just for success' sake, as happens all too often with good ideas these days.
What more is there to tell about it ? Just go to the beginning and read all about the crazy cat's antics for yourself. And maybe, every now and then, feel sorry for anyone who owns a cat like that...

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