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About Worst Case Scenario

Worst Case Scenario is a new, daily, Dutch comic on It's about bizarre situations to be offered free promotional sausages in. For this 'about' page, we've had a little interview with the creators, Joep van Abeelen and René van Densen.

So fellas, what is this all about ?

René van Densen Well, basically it's a big satire on the concept of product placement. All too often advertising companies organise for free samples of products to be given away but will only focus on how to reach their target audience, and less on wether or not the situation in which you receive this free sample makes any sense with the product itself. We chose free sausages as the basis for the joke, and try to come up with 365 absurd situations for free promotional sausages.

Joep van Abeelen I just thought it was about funny jokes.

Why is it in Dutch only ?

René van Densen Well, I think it just works better for the jokes, because the line 'Wil je daar ook worstjes bij?' just works a bit better in Dutch because it sounds more absurd. Also, it suits some of our puns better.

Joep van Abeelen I thought that was because both our English is so bad ?

How did this start ?

René van Densen The original sausages A colleague of ours came to work telling about how he went to buy some DVDs in a record store. As he went to pay for it, the girl behind the counter asked him if he would want some free sausages with that. This cracked me and Joep up, and we sort of started brainstorming about other situations in which being offered free sausage was at least equally, if not more, bizarre.

Joep van Abeelen Is the correct answer.

So this is 365 times the same joke - isn't it a challenge to keep that interesting ?

René van Densen Well, yeah, but I don't mind a challenge. To make it easier on ourselves we decided that none of the images may take more than 5 minutes to draw. It's a huge timesaver, though for me personally, that makes it a whole lot more challenging - I tend to take a lot of time on my drawings. But at least we're doing this together, which means we split the effort.

Joep van Abeelen Now hold on. I never said I'd do this daily. You wanted to do this daily. You should be glad I make the time to draw these comics at all.

René van Densen Butbutbut - but this is your comic now !

Joep van Abeelen I don't care, you decided on daily, you clean up the mess.

René van Densen You can't do this ! Damnit, I'll show you, come here you -

[Interview ends here due to unexpected violence. Police are still investigating. Would you like some free sausages with that?]

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