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PROBEERSEL.COM - Well, What's New ?

The latest news from excitement... announcements... public appearances... drama... evil twin brothers... radioactive chickens... keep checking back for updates !

07/07/2014 - submitted by: webmaster
Okay. So for the first time in some six(!) years, we have some news. The Probeersel books are appearing in, well.. Book form. In Dutch only, and it's an extremely limited run. To learn more (in Dutch), check out this brand new website that's all about our very own René van Densen. Book 1 came out two days ago, books 2 - 5 are also in preparation. To note: These books were written and drawn almost two decades ago and are still amongs the most popular comics on this site!

30/04/2008 - submitted by: webmaster
Since the start of this month, Dutch anarchistic-humouristic website has featured several of's artists. Some are writing, some are posting cartoons. The true fan of Argibald, Bandirah, René van Densen, and even RexRex really ought to check this website out!

01/04/2008 - submitted by: webmaster
As of today, Bandirah's own website can no longer be found at but at Update your bookmarks and links!


20/03/2008 - submitted by: webmaster
Satan's comic Ambience returns to with a second chapter of 11 pages, appearing daily starting today. Enjoy!

12/03/2008 - submitted by: steves
Well Croc Man didn't win but I really appreciate everyone who voted and campaigned on my behalf. You guys are the best and I really owe you one.
I started in 5th - dropped to 7th - dropped to 9th - and ended up at 7th overall. I think I'll submit something else in the next few weeks.
Thanks everyone!

09/02/2008 - submitted by: steves
hey crew! I have some really great news but I'm going to need your help.
A few months ago DC comics launched a new webcomic imprint called ZUDA. Every month they have a competition between 10 different webcomics. People vote (a la American Idol) on their favorite comic and the winner receives a contract from ZUDA to make 52 more webcomics for them. (So there is money involved)

So I need your votes! Here's what you do.
1. Go to You should see my comic, Everybody Laughs at the Crocodile Man" as the first comic because it's in alphabetical order. You can't vote yet though.
2. You need tocreate an account. I know - It sucks... but it helps prevent people from spamming the site and it makes the competition fair. In the top right corner there's a button that says "SIGN UP"
3. Once you're all registered click on my comic and there's a button to vote. You can even leave me a comment in the comment board if you feel like it. You can only vote once though.
The competition began Monday, Feb. 4 and currently if in 5th place. But February just started so anything can happen.
Thanks guys! I really appreciate it! Feel free to pass this along to anyone who might be interested. -steve

03/02/2008 - submitted by: webmaster
Bandirah has a new book out, called Moffies. He will read out loud from the cartoon book, live on stage, at Cultureel Café in Zaal 16, Tilburg, on Sunday February 24th. You will also be able to purchase the book itself, so to all you fans: be there !

02/02/2008 - submitted by: webmaster
René van Densen has designed the cover for a CD single protesting the smoking legislations in The Netherlands, sung by promising young duo Dovemansoren. You can see the cover and hear and dowload the song here.

02/01/2008 - submitted by: webmaster
Steve Steiner has entered the comics competition at ZudaComics which means that his comic, 'Everyone Laughs At The Crocodile Man' is temporarily removed off this site because he's entered that comic into the competition. Zuda requires exclusive publishing rights of their competition comics for the duration of the competition, but in turn, the winner can get some real benefits out of it. We all of course wish Steve the best of luck during the competition and hope that the Crocodile Man will return on the site soon again !

13/12/2007 - submitted by: webmaster
Last night, Troy Titane ended his own existence with a poem and a goodbye letter in front of the camera of René van Densen. The absurdist Troy Titane is no more. Read all about it here and here (all in Dutch).

23/11/2007 - submitted by: webmaster
René van Densen has worked hard all year to produce a book about the Tilburg nightlife, including drawings of all the bars in the city he became Nightlife Mayor ("Nachtburgemeester") of in August 2006. It will finally be released, this upcoming December. The entire week of 10 - 16 December, there will be presentations every evening on different locations per night in Tilburg. Click here to pre-order this 260 pages, hard cover book ! (Website link in Dutch only)

22/10/2007 - submitted by: webmaster
Last Saturday, October 20th, another 24 Hour Comic Day event was held on several locations worldwide, including in The Netherlands. In Amsterdam, artists Matt Baay and Hallie Lama participated. Click here to read Matt's comic, and click here for Hallie's 24 Hour Comic.

21/10/2007 - submitted by: webmaster
René van Densen is one of the nominees in the contest for "best writer of Tilburg". He comments sharply on this contest on the Nachtburgemeesters blog for anyone who wants to read all about it.

03/10/2007 - submitted by: webmaster
Last Sunday, René van Densen won an honorary ClickBurg Webcomic Award (or Clickie) at the Str!pdagen in Houten, the Netherlands. You can read his response, with a picture, here (in Dutch). Also he sold limited edition e-Books of The Grim DotCom there, which will end on October 27th. We probably should have warned any fans here of that e-Book but, er, well, we forgot. Sorry. You can contact René via his e-mail link if you maybe want to order one.

30/08/2007 - submitted by: webmaster
Everyone, please welcome our newest member, Steve Steiner ! This Sunday his weekly comic, "Everyone Laughs at the Crocodile Man" will debut, so keep your eye out for that !

27/08/2007 - submitted by: satan
Sorry for missing the update last week and yesterday - the point in the storyline called for EXCESSIVE nudity so instead of drawing out all that nudity for weeks with a weekly update, I figured I would just do a mini-daily - drop 5 episode strips of G'Night Shade on you, Monday through Friday for this week (I want to do the same next week but other banshees are screaming for my attention at the moment so I'll have to wait and see - there will at least be a sunday update by the end of this week)

03/08/2007 - submitted by: webmaster
This sunday, August 5th, between 19:00 and 21:00 CET, Dutch alternative radio station Kink FM, or more specifically, the cultural programme "Oeverloos", has our very own Bandirah and Troy Titane as guests. They will be interviewed about their Jonquai & Lazfartze books and about their own favourite music, which they will also play on the air. The interview will be available as MP3 on the Kink FM site after the broadcast, as well.

20/07/2007 - submitted by: webmaster
For the third year in a row, comics and cartoons are being made about the Kermis in Tilburg in front of a live audience. Amongst the artists: Secher Nbiw and René van Densen. Check it out !

15/07/2007 - submitted by: elizabethn
Hi all ! Between exhaustion from work and struggling to get Milk, Sex & Cookies on the roll again, I came this close to calling it quits from Probeersel. However, a part of me is feeling stubborn in regards to quitting. Instead, I've decided to try and finish MS&C - I just don't know how soon or long this will take. Other than that, I have some new one-page comics that I would like to share with Probeersel viewers. After all, Probeersel is where my comic roots began. So starting today, every sunday, you can find those here!

19/04/2007 - submitted by: webmaster
Everyone, please welcome our newest member, Maikel Verkoelen! Maikel's Dutch comic strip "Mik" will launch on this site soon.

06/04/2007 - submitted by: webmaster
A shout out to our Dutch readers: help two of our artists out ! Argibald and Bandirah have made it to the finale of the Sp!ts cartoon contest. You can vote for their cartoon via SMS. If they win, they'll be in the national Sp!ts newspaper every day, so there's something to gain for you as well. Vote now !

02/04/2007 - submitted by: webmaster
For those who have missed it, the webcomic Reasons Why We Rule has ended. The final episode features a meeting between the artist/stars and René van Densen. Who, on another note, has justabout finished his big project and therefor will the upcoming months attempt to make up for the 'lost' episodes of The Grim DotCom by updating twice a week, starting this Wednesday - if all goes well, that is.

01/03/2007 - submitted by: webmaster
Tonight, in Paradox, you can see, amongst others, Bandirah, Troy Titane and René van Densen all performing live. This is because of the launch of the publishing agency 'De Blauwe Bloem'. More info here and here.

27/02/2007 - submitted by: webmaster
Benjamin Kikkert decided today to leave the Probeersel collective. There was no conflict of any kind, just that he felt his work and the general creative direction the community follows don't match. We wish him all the best in his further career and will miss him.

21/02/2007 - submitted by: webmaster
MYX magazine's January 2007 issue features cover art by Matt Baay !

02/02/2007 - submitted by: webmaster
Astielen Kiekaert returns !

21/01/2007 - submitted by: webmaster
We seem to be having server trouble today, so everything may be a bit slow. Apologies for the inconvenience, but don't worry, your favourite comics will still be here tomorrow too !

26/11/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Satan kicks off a weekly new comic, G'Night Shade, which is a spinoff from the webcomic Wren Derosity from Check it out!

17/11/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Hallie Lama's weekly webcomic, Gezegend Gezever, starts today. Check it out!

14/11/2006 - submitted by: renevd
As of yesterday, hit comic The Grim DotCom is on a daily rerun from the start of the story, on a mirror location: its own WebcomicNation site !

09/11/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Secher Nbiw's new comic starts off today: Robo Hitler! It immediately kicks off with two episodes, and more will come this upcoming weekend. Be sure to check it out!

08/11/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Everyone, please welcome our newest member: Hallie Lama!

10/10/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
With today's Astielen Kiekaert cartoon, we come to the end of this series. Bandirah decided he wanted to work without the pressure of regular updates because in time the quality might suffer. You can still find his work at (including English translations of some!) and he might return to in the future, of course.

07/10/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
It's international 24 Hour Comic Day today, and René van Densen is participating. He'll attempt to complete an entire Artificial Real story of 24 pages, titled Luxury, within 24 hours. Sionnain Comeaux is also attempting a 24 hour comic titled "The Joy of Atonality: Selections from Pierrot Lunaire and Wozzeck".

02/10/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
RexRex ends as of today. Troy Titane will likely return with new work again, but the RexRex series has now officially ended.

28/09/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
The latest issue of MYX is out (the July issue - yes, they're a bit behind on schedule) and inside you'll find work by Matt Baay and Bandirah!

27/09/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Argibald was interviewed by - Read it here.

09/09/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
As of today, you can also go to this site via

31/08/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
A bit late, perhaps, but here's a few reports on the August 5th 5 Year Anniversary !

25/08/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Every so often, will endorse something that doesn't have anything to do with its own artists or with (web)comics. In almost every such case, the reason will be that the thought behind what we endorse really tickles us. Right now there's a promotional campaign going to get mysterious schlager-DJ Hein O))) on the cover of Oor magazine. Apparently all that takes is 6400 Euros, so Hein Aid is trying to get this money together by throwing a bunch of really unconventional music events. The pre-party is in the on this site oft mentioned Tilburg bar Cul de Sac on Sunday September 3rd, and entrance is 5 Euros.

18/08/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Always wondered about those Bandirah cartoons but can't understand the Dutch language? For his international audience, Bandirah has been translating a selection of his cartoons into English - available at his solo-site!

15/08/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Siroj's comic Vaudeville premiers!

11/08/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Last Saturday. we may have overpromoted the site because it was down due to a big peak in visitor numbers. However, this summer, many websites have suffered some unexplained downtime, and I guess today it's our turn. We'll do our best to sort it out as soon as possible. Of course, as soon as you read this, we're apparently back online, so this is a fairly useless news update.

05/08/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Welcome our newest member, Siroj ! His comic, Vaudeville, should start tomorrow if all goes according to plan. He will also be present at the big 5 year anniversary evening, by the way.

27/07/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Don't forget, August 5th, 2006, in Cul de Sac in Tilburg: the 5 Year Anniversary!

27/07/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Wouter Goudswaard's new comic, Kabouter Wouter, premiers today. Updates will hopefully be weekly!

21/07/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Yesterday's Tilburgse Koerier also featured an interview with Troy Titane and René van Densen. You can read the article (in Dutch) on the site of the Tilburgse Koerier or you can see the scanned version here.

21/07/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
As of today and continuing until July 30th, the biggest fair of the BeNeLux returns to Tilburg, and just like last year, a number of comic artists will be drawing comics and cartoons about what happens there. From Secher Nbiw is a very consistently present factor in the event, but every now and then you might also spot René van Densen there too. Read the KermisComics here or see the live webcam images.

12/07/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Troy Titane and René van Densen are interviewed for their becoming 'nachtburgemeesters' (nightlife mayors) on the upcoming August 5th.

30/06/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Tomorrow, July 1st, at 2 PM, there is a presentation of the latest issue of Brabant Cultureel which, for their summer issue, decided to 'map out' the comic artists scene in Tilburg and its nearby surroundings. Some 25 artists each got their own page to fill as they please, and amongst them were artists Secher Nbiw, Bandirah, René van Densen and Troy Titane, in other words, a quarter of this site's artists ! More information here (in Dutch).

27/06/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Troy Titane and René van Densen have both been elected as 'nachtburgebeester' (nightlife mayor) of the city of Tilburg. They will be inaugurated at midnight on August 5th, on the special 5 year anniversary celebration of More news about that evening will follow soon, here on this site. Read more here and here (both in Dutch).
Bandirah's book "Stout, Stout Fruit has been reviewed at Read the (Dutch) review here

15/06/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Troy Titane's Jeffrey returns, on a weekly basis!

13/06/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Loyal reader of the Dutch version of Men's Health might spot a few familiar names in the July issue that'll appear in stores over the course of this week.. that's right, Bandirah, René van Densen and Troy Titane are part of a line-up of interviews about men's first times - of various different kinds of first times, you perv! But yeah, about the three most absurd, explicit and not particularly healthy living artists aboard are in Men's Health. That's funny in its own right. Check it out!

10/06/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
René van Densen did a guest episode for Kennys Not So Amazingly Boring Comic - check it out!

27/05/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Bandirah has some big news, fresh off his own website: publisher Xtra will bring out his big debut album next weekend at the Stripdagen Haarlem! Congratulations, Bandirah! Click here for more information (in Dutch).

03/05/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
The attention for Matt Baay's comic "BunBun" didn't stop with the last news message: it is also reviewed at Digital Strips in their podcast show!

02/05/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Matt Baay has been nominated for a ClickBurg Webcomic Award (or "Clickie") in the category "Humor Clickie Benelux", with his BunBuns comics. Congratulations, Matt!!

01/05/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
The traditional half year report has been published! It also features a new layout design and some additional new content. If you want to read it, go to the downloads page!

19/04/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Sionnain Comeaux' and René van Densen's comic Penguism returns with new episodes, today and tomorrow - with a twist!

17/04/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Today's the big day: Troy Titane's webcomic RexRex' 500th episode!!

17/04/2006 - submitted by: webmaster has been nominated for the 'Vzzzbx Awards' (a webcomics award that nominated itself in the category 'most vague webcomics initiative', right next to the ClickBurg foundation) in the categories 'Best WebComic Group-site' and 'Best WebCartoon Group-site'. The actual awards ceremomy will be Saturday May 20th in the Belgian city of Leuven. More information will follow on the Vzzzbx Awards site.

10/04/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Argibald updates with a new cartoon !

04/04/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Slet Magazine issue four has several pages of Bandirah cartoons in it, so if any fans are near the University campus in Eindhoven, go pick up a copy before they're gone!... Or click the link and hope they'll eventually make issue four available instead of that dead link it is now.

22/02/2006 - submitted by: renevd
Lekker Jaap is having a run of guest comics to celebrate the comic's one year anniversary. Today you'll see a special guest episode by René van Densen!

21/02/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
The really big Bandirah fans have of course already noticed this, but has officially launched !

18/02/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Bandirah and Troy Titane return to with a new concept: Emblemata Cinematographicae. Go check it out!

17/02/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
René van Densen and Sionnain Comeaux' comic Penguism returns with an episode - yes, after almost a year's worth hiatus. No guarantees on the update schedule, but we hope you enjoy this new episode!

04/02/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Argibald's big debut comic "Als Maandagochtend Een Gestalte Had" proves popular amongst reviewers! It has been reviewed in 8Weekly, Veronica Magazine, Haarlems Dagblad, StripSchrift,, MYX, StripNieuws and now also Way to go, Argibald, and keep up the excellent work !

02/02/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Bandirah fans might want to check out the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant today. The art section, specifically.

22/01/2006 - submitted by: renevd
Well, I've finally gone and done it: I have gone insane. I've created a new webcomic that can easily be described as the most disgusting webcomic ever. It's called "Ain't No Sunshine" and it's Not Suitable For Work... or, well, for anywhere else, for that matter. Do not read it ! It's disgusting !

17/01/2006 - submitted by: troyt
As promised: the return of RexRex!

03/01/2006 - submitted by: webmaster
Fans of Troy Titane's RexRex needn't despair: Troy will soon return with another big run of these cartoons, and has every intention to at least make it to episode 500 !

23/12/2005 - submitted by: renevd
Especially for fans of the Grim DotCom, a little bonus: Merry Christmas !

12/12/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
After a good year and a half of intensively adding his artwork to our collective, Bandirah is making a few changes. Kalkedodder has now officially ended, and as of next weekend, only a selection of this series will be available anymore, the rest will have been deleted. So check out any cartoons you may have missed before then, because otherwise they might be gone come next weekend.
As of January, he will start a new series on titled 'Astielen Kiekaert' which will run weekly (as opposed to his daily schedule so far). The change in this publishing schedule has a lot to do with him moving on to his own site, which you will be able to find at, so if you want to read more of his cartoons than the weekly one that will be on here, we highly recommend you check out his own site as well !
Also this upcoming weekend, Sunday evening, 18th of December 2005, you can see Bandirah draw a live portrait of the mayor of Haarlem in Café Briljant in Haarlem, during a second presentation of the book "Op Verzoek Van Ruud Vreeman" by Troy Titane and himself !

04/12/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
As we reported before, the book presentation of "Op Verzoek van Ruud Vreeman" took place on November 20th, 2005 and by now there are pictures available online, courtisy of Marcel Mutsaers. The more attentive of you might not only recognize the authors of the book, Troy Titane and Bandirah, but also René van Densen giving a one-time only performance on stage. More reports on that evening can be found here.

04/11/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Secher Nbiw's "The Illogical Box" updates with two new pages!

02/11/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
This upcomic weekend, the city of Utrecht will once again feature the "Festival Mooie Woorden". Argibald will be heavily involved in various activities: he will be signing his new book "Als maandagochtend een gestalte had", there will also be an exposition of his cartoons and drawings, on the 5th of November. On the 6th, various comic artists of De Inktpot will be giving drawing lessons to kids, and a piece of animation made by him (as graduation piece) will be shown. For more information:

01/11/2005 - submitted by: webmater
Now, I know that normally we would have had a half year report on the 1st of May, but things have been so busy that we decided to combine the two half year reports of this year into one. Here it is: the Probeersel year report for November 2004 - October 2005 ! See the downloads page for the report.

Also, on the site, a monthly digital version of the alternative comics magazine 'De Swasbeer', co-founded by Bandirah, will be available for free ! Featuring artists like co-founder Linda van Bruggen, Rob van Barneveld, Wouter Diesveld and even Argibald ! Go check it out every month from now !

28/10/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
New pages of Secher Nbiw's The Illogical Box available - enjoy!!

27/10/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Bandirah is also featured in the current issue of the Dutch Hustler. This issue also comes with a free DVD, as if the Bandirah cartoon wasn't reason enough to purchase it!

21/10/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Saturday 22nd of October and Sunday 23rd of October there's a major comics convention in Houten, the Netherlands: De Str!pdagen ! And several artists will be there... Argibald can be found running back and forth between the stands of De Inktpot and Uitgeverij BeeDee which both will have his first ever (non-smallpress) book ! Wouter Goudswaard will be at the stand of Senoeni Productions with his first comic book as well. René van Densen will be at the ClickBurg stand with a special Grim DotCom e-Book, and on Sunday at 15:00, he will be one of the experts on a webcomics panel. And if you pay attention, you may also spot Bandirah in the crowd ! So go there !!

Also worth mentioning: the Belgian webcomic Freddy celebrates its 3rd birthday with several guest artists. Amongst others, the 22nd fo October this comic will feature a guest episodes by Matt Baay and the 23rd it will feature one by René van Densen.

18/10/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Bandirah is featured in the current issue of Playhouse Comix. A full page about him, with several of his best cartoons ! If you visit the Playhouse Comix site, you can also purchase the original drawings of these cartoons, in fact !

14/10/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
For those of you eagerly anticipating Secher Nbiw's work, here's The Illogical Box!

10/10/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Today a new comics-blog was launched in the Netherlands: A diverse selection of very talented artists will publish their work there, and amongst them are Probeersel's own René van Densen and Matt Baay.
On a side note: Matt's PC got fried today and he is unsure when he will be able to continue updating his BunBuns comics. He hopes to return again soon!

30/09/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
In the latest issue of monthly comics magazine MYX, a three page-article was devoted to the KermisComics the webcomics made live at the Tilburg Fair a few months ago. Amongst the artists whose work is featured in this article are Argibald, Matt Baay and René van Densen ! Go check out this issue !

18/09/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Matt Baay made some downloads available. Go check them out !

13/09/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Some of the best episodes of the by now legendary collaborative online column by Troy Titane and Bandirah are going to be released in luxurious book form. "OP VERZOEK VAN RUUD VREEMAN" will be the title, and it will also feature never before published drawings by Bandirah and other bonus material. This hardcover luxury book will be presented at the Paradox in Tilburg on November 20, by Tilburg's official city poet Nick Swarth. Available in a limited edition of 250 books (136 pages) of which the first 100 will be numbered and specially signed, at the outrageously low price of 15 euros, you can already pre-order this book here.

10/09/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Today and tomorrow, René van Densen will be one of the artists at the Clickburg stand on the comics convention in Rijswijk. There he will be selling Artificial Real booklets, Grim DotCom buttons and even an eBook, collecting all episodes. So go there !

05/09/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Everyone, please welcome our newest member, Wouter Goudswaard ! Wouter's comic "Luchtgitarist" will be appearing irregularly on this site, so keep your eye out for new episodes !

18/08/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Today, Troy Titane sent out a press release claiming that his column was removed within an hour of publishing it by request of the AIVD, the Dutch intelligence agency. Read the column for more information.

15/08/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Jeroen Mirck has reviewed Troy Titane's comic RexRex - read the review here !
Also... Joep van Abeelen got married last August 5th ! If you want to see some pictures of the whole event, click here !
And on a final but nonetheless also important note, we would like to ask all you readers to let us know what you think of Click the link to find out why.

11/08/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Everyone, please welcome our fifteenth member: Secher Nbiw ! Secher's American-style comic will no doubt be appearing on this site soon, so keep an eye out for it !

10/08/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
The French newspaper 'le Figaro' published a tryptich this week on the business of comics (part 1 was about manga, part 2 about American comics) and bringing up the rear is an article on webcomics. There's some stuff about the commercial successes of some webcomics, the expansion into the areas of mobile phones and portable PlayStations, and interviewed are, amongst others, webcomics-pioneer David Farley (Dr.Fun) and ClickBurg foundation president slash artist René van Densen. Illustrating the article are two Grim DotCom episodes !
The article, though in French, is worth a good read, so check it out (unfortunately without the illustrations) here.

07/08/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Returning to on a weekly basis as of today: Troy Titane's Jeffrey !

04/08/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Everyone, please welcome our newest member, Matt Baay ! He's an awesome comic artist and animator, and as of today his comical BunBuns will be wreaking havoc on this site ! See also his own site for more great material by him !

01/08/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Well, that was that - for 11 days, some of the Probeersel artists were at the fair in Tilburg. Click here for more information !

22/07/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
As of today, a bunch of webcomic artists will be drawing up their experiences at the
Tilburg fair, the biggest fair in the BeNeLux, live, from a location ON the fair. You can read these live webcomic reports here - and artists Argibald, Bandirah, René van Densen and Troy Titane are amongst the participants ! This ongoing event will end on July 30th. Go check out their work !

01/07/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
On the site for the Atlantis festival, designed by Nozzman, a whole bunch of Dutch comic artists contributed drawings to fit the 'Atlantis' theme. If you look closely, you'll spot drawings by Benjamin Kikkert and René van Densen amongst them !

30/06/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Today in the door-to-door newspaper "de Tilburgse Koerier" of Tilburg, the Netherlands: an extensive interview with Troy Titane and Bandirah !

17/06/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Sionnain Comeaux returns with a short story: "To Every End" !

15/06/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
What's this ? Is there a RexRex movie in the making ? And will there be a RexRex fanclub day ?? Troy Titane and Bandirah bring you up to speed (in Dutch) in their column on !

14/06/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Troy Titane returns with brand new RexRex episodes !

09/06/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Argibald returns with two new cartoons, today and tomorrow !

07/06/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Probeersel comic artist Marz is one of the artists who exibit artistic sculptures at Superville in Leiden. The expo started Thursday, June 2nd, and runs until this Saturday, June 11th. The gallery is open from 16:00 until 23:00 and judging from the pictures on the site, it's definately worth a visit !

03/06/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
This Sunday: the big Stripfestijn in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. Although isn't officially there, artists Argibald, Bandirah and René van Densen will be there. You'll be able to purchase Argibald mini-comics, Bandirah's mini-comic "Poer" or magazine "De Swasbeer" featuring, amongst others, his cartoons, magazine "De Lijn" featuring René's short story "Reaper, Baby", or even a booklet featuring all three finished Artificial Real stories, if you're there.

29/05/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Here it is finally, the new chapter in René van Densen's series "The Artificial Real": Reaper, Baby. This ten page story will also appear, in print quality, in the new Dutch comics magazine De Lijn, which will debute at the comics convention in Dordrecht next Sunday, June 5th. René will be there, so go get a copy of the magazine and see if you can't get him to sign it!

23/05/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Jeroen Mirck has reviewed The Grim DotCom - you can read the review here (in Dutch).

12/05/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Benjamin Kikkert returns with a new Real Life-cartoon !

02/05/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Normally, by now, the half-year report would have been online. For those of you who are usually interested in this, I apologise: my involvement in ClickBurg (which was yesterday) has delayed this heavily, which means I may write it this week or I may not. In any case, I'll do my best to publish the half year report as soon as possible !

29/04/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
You may notice something new about the site today.. That's right: we have a new banner at the top ! This spectacular design was made by our own Gregory Cathalina and is a modified version of the logo he painted for This logo will premier in public display at ClickBurg this Sunday, on the special stand that will be there. At this stand, you can meet Argibald, Bandirah, René van Densen and Troy Titane, but unfortunately Greg won't be able to be there as well. With this spectacular logo, though, in a way he will be.

19/04/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
The beforementioned collaboration between Troy Titane and Bandirah on has lead to a very interesting philosophical column this week, when Troy meets famous Dutch author Arnon Grunberg. Worth a read !

24/03/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Patrick G. Smith's story Lucky Shot is now online in full for everyone to enjoy !

21/03/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Patrick G. Smith starts off another ambitious story, called Lucky Shot, and the cover is now up for all of you to see !

17/03/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Our own master of disguise, René van Densen, will be at the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing this weekend in London. He will just be a visitor, but if you spot him in the crowd, make sure to say hi !

14/03/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Completely the fault of me being away to a different part of the country yesterday, Elizabeth Neerenberg's new comic "Milk, Sex & Cookies" did NOT premier on yesterday, contrary to what the intention was. My fault, and the first page is now available.

09/03/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Troy Titane's The Swingin'Titties are back !

08/03/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Everyone, please welcome our new member: Elizabeth Neerenberg ! Her new comic will be debuting on soon.
Also, Argibald returns two new images, today and tomorrow !

06/03/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Tip: Check out next Wednesday - you'll see a few familiar names on a weekly basis there !

01/03/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
So, it's a bit later than announced... still, Satan's new comic Ambience starts as of today and was worth the wait ! The pages of the first chapter will appear exclusively on in the upcoming days. Enjoy !

27/02/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Patrick G. Smith returns, and gives you the rest of Fatal Saga !

26/02/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Marz' new comic, Paco & Manolo, starts today.

22/02/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Benjamin Kikkert's series of cartoons, Real Life, starts today.

18/02/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Everyone, please welcome our newest members: Benjamin Kikkert and Marz !

17/02/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Contrary to what was promised, Satan's new comic Ambience is delayed due to technical difficulty. No word yet when the new comic will start appearing, or when his other comic, Macadamia, will return. Sorry, folks !

12/02/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Another triumphant return of Jeffrey !!

29/01/2005 - submitted by: sionnainc
This week's installment of Penguism will be late due to health problems.

29/01/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Argibald returns with a new cartoon.

17/01/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Satan will start off a second comic called 'Ambience' on February 14, and until then, you can enjoy a free promo-image every monday here.

17/01/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
The seemingly unstoppable Troy Titane throws in a new comic which is a daily treat to our international visitors: Sing along on a daily basis with The S[w]ingin' Titties !

14/01/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Argibald returns with a new cartoon and news that he will be in Breda on the 19th of this month.

12/01/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Troy Titane's comic Jeffrey returns !

08/01/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Bandirah has made English translations available of his Kalkedodder cartoons on his blog !
Meanwhile, Penguism has returned to its original Saturday feature publishing schedule, and it looks like it'll be here to stay ! It's also headed in interesting directions, so go read all about our penguin in a pink tutu who was actually born in a different strip !

06/01/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Sionnain Comeaux's 24 hour comic was removed on her request.

03/01/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Another Very Important Plug... You know us, we don't try to sell you *anything*. But one of our own (Sionnain Comeaux) is in dire need of money, and she's basically opened up a shop of merchandise and service, so if you feel the need for either, or if you want to support her, please visit her site and send a few bucks her way !

02/01/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
For those of you who haven't been too busy suffering New Year's hangovers (like myself), you might have noticed that yesterday and today, some of our comics (particularly the weekly ones) are behaving funny. It turns out to be a bug with the turning of the year - I'm going to try and fix it asap. Sorry folks !
Update: fixed !!!

02/01/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
Time for a Very Important Plug... several of the Probeersel people are involved in a sort of 'sister project': the first-ever Dutch webcomics convention ! It will occur May 1st, 2005, and it's called ClickBurg ! The site went live on Jan 1st, and the organisation of the event is nicely on schedule, so if you want to meet us in person, make sure to keep your eye on the ClickBurg site for updates !

01/01/2005 - submitted by: webmaster
To start the year off well, Bandirah decided to start with his new cartoon series Kalkedodder and erase most of his old Kreup Vallende Histies. Exactly 30 of them remain for posterity, and believe you me, it was a tough job to pick them. You can read more about the selection process in our blog... In any case, happy new year and yay for Kalkedodder !

25/12/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Happy Holidays everyone ! Also from Penguism, and tomorrow from the Grim DotCom !

20/12/2004 - submitted by: renevd
I did a guest episode of Rogues of Clwyd-Ran, featuring our beloved Grim Reaper which will probably be a future episode of The Grim DotCom. If you want to read it already, go check out ROCR today ! (If you have never checked it out before, you definately should !)

17/12/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Here's a little treat for the fans of Macadamia: Satan has created several wallpapers of the characters, available on his downloads page. And let me tell ya, they look good !
Welllll, allright, the non-fans are allowed to enjoy this too. Just this once. And only if you're wearing pants.

09/12/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Argibald returns with two fresh cartoons, today and tomorrow.

07/12/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Troy Titane continues his run of In Het Geheel Doorsnijden

05/12/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Here's a little Sinterklaas treat for the fans of Bandirah: De Kreup Vallende Histie switches from a bidaily update schedule, to a daily one, starting today !

04/12/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Sad but true: One of our much valued members, Béné van Gansbeke, has decided to leave and pursue his promising career on his own. We will miss him, but we wish him all the best and hope he will stay in touch ! Béné, thanks for your great work, and we hope to hear a lot from you !
For those of you who want to contact Béné or keep up to date with his work, he has an own site here:

27/11/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
With Troy Titane's book launch over, he returns with another full run of RexRex cartoons !

19/11/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
René van Densen has finally converted the third book of Probeersel into the same kind of pages as he did with the first two books, so you can read them easier and they load quicker. Two more to go !!
Also, folks, don't forget about next Sunday.

15/11/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Troy Titane is working on new RexRex episodes, and in the meantime, here's a little treat from him: In Het Geheel Doorsnijden.

11/11/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
You may have already read about it in the blog, but here it is: the long awaited return of !

04/11/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
We have a new member ! His name - well, his pseudonym - is Argibald and I'm personally quite impressed with his work. Everyone, please, welcome him !

03/11/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
What's this ? Troy Titane... and death ??

01/11/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Béné van Gansbeke's short story Hymen For Sale" has now also been redrawn (fixing a few well-intended technical comments from the editors) and published on PulpDeLuxe - of course, you can still read the original version on and ! Also, the fifth Half-year report is available now on our downloads page, if you like a good read.

30/10/2004 - submitted by: renevd
Once again, the free email account service of ZZN fails us utterly, seemingly having removed the Probeersel service altogether. I'm too fed up with ZZN to look into this anymore, so I took the banner to get your free email account from, off the banners page and replaced it with an golden oldie.. that's right, the archive for my old self-founded school paper, BlindSight, is back online for all of you to read ! It took me a good part of Friday night, but hey, who needs a life anyway, right ? Besides, I was trying to fix some more discovered bugs in the new Probeersel engine (and succeeded, by the way).
I'm going to sleep now, though.

30/10/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Satan returns with the long-expected 'Bush visits the school'-series ! Expect to see more episodes appearing the upcoming days, since for once this series will not respect the weekly update schedule of Macadamia but will appear daily !

24/10/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Alright, today shows that the new system is not running completely smoothly yet, resulting in that some of the comics (the weekly ones) and the Pick o'da Week haven't refreshed, despite the fact that it's Sunday already. Unfortunately we're busy with the Stripdagen and other matters, so we can, for now, only apologise and promise to try and fix the matter as soon as we can.

12/10/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
It's over ! The final episode of Worst Case Scenario is online !

22/09/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Béné van Gansbeke's short story Hymen For Sale (published on this site and on StripSter) was one of 15 winners in the Mekanik Strip Wedstrijd "What's Your Excuse?" and it will consequently appear in print, alongside the other 14 winning stories, in the upcoming year. Congratulations, Béné !

22/09/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Troy Titane returns after a few weeks of illness with RexRex !

08/09/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Gregory Cathalina announced it on the blog, and here it is: the third installment in his series RCH: "Spear". He also put up a teaser wallpaper of his new comic which we will see sometime in the near future.

03/09/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Jon Hancock returns with the second page of Earth Harvest.

29/08/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Everyone remember Satan ? After an enviable near-year hiatus, his comic, Macadamia, returns to as of today ! In his own words: "I couldn't just let an election year go by unscathed.." Welcome back, man !

29/08/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
In other news: I spoke with Sionnain Comeaux and her surgery went well. She's back on her feet already again, pretty much, and she sounded a lot better (although still recovering). Thanks everyone, on her behalf, for the warm support !

21/08/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Worst Case Scenario will feature two great guest episodes by Rutger Ockhorst, today and tomorrow.

19/08/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
We're officially announcing our tenth member: Jon Hancock ! His comic, Earth Harvest, also starts off immediately with the first page ! Everyone, please welcome Jon !

17/08/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
And the remaining pages of Béné van Gansbeke's new short story are now also online.

16/08/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Béné van Gansbeke is on a roll - a new short story is in the works and you can find is first page here.

09/08/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
I'm sad to report this: our own Sionnain Comeaux has been diagnosed with a brain tumor near her eye. If you pray, please include her in your prayers, and otherwise, make sure to send her a nice get-well message or something. She'll be having surgery sometime soon and we all hope for a speedy recovery for her.

07/08/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
A bit late perhaps, but it's come to my attention that Béné van Gansbeke has published the Zwaardvis page on StripSter as well !

22/07/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
The glorious Troy Titane returns from over a month of total radio silence, with all new episodes of RexRex, starting today - and there was much rejoicing !

17/07/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Added some new pictures of Sionnain Comeaux.

13/07/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Béné van Gansbeke returns with a one-page strip in Dutch about eating swordfish.

10/07/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Worst Case Scenario featured a great guest episode by Cecile Saiso today.

04/07/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Remembering Marlon Brando who died earlier this week, Worst Case Scenario and The Grim DotCom are specially dedicated to him.

14/06/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Here's a little treat to all you FarScape-fans: it's WorstScape Week !

06/06/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Some of us were in Haarlem yesterday.

04/06/2004 - submitted by: renevd
The current edition of StripSter features an exclusive cover done by yours truly !

30/05/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
We're proud to present the second installment in Gregory Cathalina's series RCH: "Door". There are now also wallpapers available of this series.

24/05/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Patrick G. Smith's graphic novel Fatal Saga has been updated with three new pages. You should check them out !

22/05/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Worst Case Scenario featured two great guest episodes by René Janssen, today and yesterday.

20/05/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Gregory Cathalina returns with a brand new comic: RCH. This will be a collection of short stories, premiering with the first story "Ball" !

15/05/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Bandirah kicks off immediately today with his tridaily strip "De Kreup Vallende Histie" - tridaily ? Yes, tridaily. Three more days and there'll be another episode !

14/05/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Also, we're proud to show the first pages of Patrick G. Smith's graphic novel Fatal Saga.

14/05/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Everyone, please welcome our newest member, the Dutch comic artist Bandirah ! His new comic will make its debut on this site this next Saturday, but for now, give the man a big welcome !

01/05/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Has it been another half a year already again ? Time does fly ! So yeah - here's the new half year report for anyone who wishes to read it.

27/04/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
These next few days you'll see brand new episodes of Troy Titane's irregular strip Jeffrey - enjoy !

25/04/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
More server downtime, and from the looks of it, yet again our own fault. We desperately need to get a better site engine because this is nuts.

24/04/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
I want to point extra special attention to the fact that today is 24 Hour Comic day - a worldwide event where loads of comic artists are trying to create a 24 Hour Comic (for more information, look in our links section for '24 Hour Comics')
Also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US !!!! - as the URL we've all come to know and love - celebrates its 2nd birthday today ! I recommend all artists drink something really good to celebrate this. Here's to many, many more years, people ! Cheers !

20/04/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
We're officially announcing our newest member: Patrick G. Smith ! His work shall be appearing soon on this site, but for now, please, a warm welcome !
And as if that's not spectacular enough -- the last T-shirt of the "2002 edition" free give-away contest has been won ! Congratulations to all people who won one of them ! A new contest, with a completely new T-shirt design, will come soon !

11/04/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Happy Easter, everyone ! This year, the Probeersel artists actually paid a bit of attention to it, too, so we have several treats. The Grim DotCom gets a special repeat visitor. Worst Case Scenario shows what can happen if the Easter Bunny read this site's comics. We have a special extra Prequel Episode of Penguism, and, quite fittingly, RexRex pays no attention to this holiday whatsoever.

04/04/2004 - submitted by: renevd
For a few hours there, the wrong episode of The Grim DotCom appeared because I got the storylines-map out for the weekly updates wrong. So if anyone paid attention, they saw the Easter episode one week too early by accident. Everyone else will have to wait another seven days.

01/04/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
I would like to officially welcome Troy Titane amongst the ranks of the ambitious comic artists, because just now, his new daily comic RexRex has launched, and simultaneously his irregularly-appearing strip Jeffrey as well !

26/03/2004 - submitted by: renevd
StripSter just published their special Music edition which also features some musical picks from FTSACDP, Worst Case Scenario and The Grim DotCom, by the way.

25/03/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
With the great technology of Blogger we've created a blog where the Probeersel artists (and staff) may, from time to time, show a bit of the things going on behind the scenes. It's currently still in its infant shoes but this might prove to become an interesting additional source of information about our Probeersel initiative. I've added a link to the blog in the top header, but you can also click here to read it.

21/03/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Update on that: Sionnain is going to some personal problems right now. I won't disclose them here but it would be perfectly understandable if her comics ended up not being updated for a while. Some things are just way more important. Have patience people, if all works out well I'm sure she'll return to us with great new material.

20/03/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Today's the big day: after the 'prequel episodes', Penguism starts off for real today. I recommend you check it out !

16/03/2004 - submitted by: renevd
Today's the day: Reasons Why We Rule 's guest comic week 3 displays my entry. It's also available in my own Guest Comics section.

15/03/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
The site was temporarily offline today. This because the scripts were causing trouble on the sever and without any notification to us, the network guys from our hosting company decided to rename the troublesome Perl scripts. We have no idea what caused the trouble but to be sure we took a few of the 'comics on your site' down as well as the new 'Responses to this site' page. It looks like we have to develop our new site engine sooner than we thought after all. We apologise for this, but our hands are tied. We'll try to re-introduce the removed functionality once everything's set up in a more stable way. Sorry, folks...

14/03/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Finally, one of the last non-automated parts of the site, the Responses to this site, have been automated. It took me quite a while, surprisingly, but it works. I've also expanded the collection with some fresh emails for you to enjoy.

12/03/2004 - submitted by: renevd
Reasons Why We Rule has another guest comic week coming up as of next Monday. Since I participated in the past two, I sent in another entry and Matt responded that it will definately be in there. So keep your eye out for it, because personally I really like what I did with it (and I'm usually pretty critical of my own work)

11/03/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
A little shout-out to Béné van Gansbeke who has loyally been publishing short stories one page at a time on semi-weekly basis. His new one-page tale is a little experiment in trying to draw in a style somewhere in between manga and European traditional style. As the tale tells, he felt it wasn't quite working out. I personally think it made for a nice page, though.

03/03/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
After nearly two years, Gregory Cathalina has decided to set God free and stop making comics about him. Today's 500th episode is the final installment in an excellent archievement ! Well done, Greg, and we're all looking forward to your next project - but please, take a bit of time off for yourself. Smell the roses n stuff.
Also, today's Worst Case Scenario is also available as a wallpaper.

01/03/2004 - submitted by: renevd
Well, after a short night's sleep and an.. interesting day at work, I'm happy to report the results.. Gregory Cathalina went for a 12 Hour comic, which I think might have been a lot wiser for me as well. I really dig what he's done, it looks interesting !
I made it.. I'm amazed. I spent half the comic in a delirious stupor because I failed to get any sleep beforehand. Was definately an interesting experience, since I barely knew what I was doing with this comic.
Due to personal circumstances Sionnain couldn't make it. She put in a valliant effort to get some extra pages uploaded near the end of the 24 hours, which I can only give her credit for. She is considering finishing the story at some other time (I for one am curious about the rest of it).
As for Steve Troop from Melonpool, he has outdone us all. He pulled off a 26 pages comic and IMHO it looks awesome.
So, all in all, it was a very interesting experience. (I'm not doing another one again for quite some time, though)

29/02/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
This is it, folks ! The 24 Hour Comic Day event ! You'll be able to see our live progress today, because everything we upload during our individual 24 Hour Comic attempts will appear online immediately.

24/02/2004 - submitted by: renevd
Probeersel Book 2 is now also available in the nice 600x400 format.

24/02/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
A while back, we decided to distance ourselves from the free email addresses you could get at because the ZZN technologies were buggy (we couldn't even change the layout of the service anymore) and it became a poorer and poorer service that reflected badly on us. I am happy to report ZZN made a full 180, so you can now get your free email address ! I've also put the banner back on the banner page.

18/02/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
And we have a new member, who goes by the pseudonym of Troy Titane. I've seen his work (in my favourite bar) and it consists of clever literary mono- or dialogues. We'll be seeing his work here, a new daily Dutch comic called RexRex, starting April 1st, but for now, let's welcome Troy !

17/02/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
A suggestion was made on the Stripnet Stripliefhebbers forum to have all Dutch comic artists who have daily comics publish their own ideas about the new controversial Dutch asylum bill today. supports this idea wholeheartedly, so today you will find special episodes of, Worst Case Scenario and Penguism devoted to this theme. You should check StripSter to read any other comics devoted to this theme.

15/02/2004 - submitted by: renevd
As a bonus treat, today an extra episode of Penguism which is actually a crossover with the Dutch daily comic Worst Case Scenario.

14/02/2004 - submitted by: renevd
A little Valentine's Day treat for all of you... we've had tons of questions when former'sTutu Thompson, the ex-cop turned penguin wearing a pink tutu, will finally get his own comic and return to Well, starting this Saturday, and premiering as's first Saturday feature, Sionnain and I give you.. Penguism !

12/02/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
o/~ Happy Birthday To Sionnain, Happy Birthday To Sionnain... o/~

05/02/2004 - submitted by: renevd
It was a lot of work, but I've finally converted Probeersel Book 1 to a nice 600x400 format. Eventually all five books will be converted, but for now, I'm pretty proud to say the first book is now a lot more userfriendly to read !

01/02/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Everybody please welcome our newest member: Béné van Gansbeke, who is also one of the main people behind 'competing colleagues' community Het Plezante Potlood. Welcome, Béné !

30/01/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
It's official: February 29, 2004 will be the date of the FIRST EVER 24 Hour Comic Event ! Read more about it here !

21/01/2004 - submitted by: renevd
A little shout out to the people on the Stripliefhebbers-forum. I've been posting quite a bit there the past two days - it's addictive to 'be' amongst other people who care (and know) about comics.
But that's not what I wanted to announce here... I've put a poll on the forum for The Grim DotCom: vote for your favourite character ! The most popular ones will get more 'panel time', I promise.
And finally: Joep and I today have a little something to celebrate: The 100th episode of Worst Case Scenario !

14/01/2004 - submitted by: webmaster
Our hosting company has been making server upgrades which has caused trouble with the site. That's why it was down yesterday. We apologise for the inconvenience; there are still a few remaining issues but we're trying to work them out with Protagonist.

06/01/2004 - submitted by: renevd
Happy New Year also to StripSter who have once again completed a year of being a very cool online magazine, serving all kinds of comics to their Dutch audience. The January 1st edition also features a few Worst Case Scenarios, by the way.

30/12/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
I know the majority of the audience of this site are regular, comic loving people. But lately I've been receiving feedback ranging from 'good thinking, good artwork, you should move here to yukon, canada' and 'praise the lord, please send me a subscription about Gods word'.. just thought I'd share with the rest of you. Happy New Year, everyone !

28/12/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
The Pick O' da Week comic didn't refresh rightaway this morning, nor did the 'Comics on your Site' - at least not for The Grim DotCom. This turned out to be a pretty big bug in the setup which I've spent the better part of the late night/early morning fixing. I'm glad to report it's permanently fixed.

22/12/2003 - submitted by: renevd
Drats - I just found out about the webcomics version of Secret Santa, and it's closed for this year. Might be fun to do next year.

16/12/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
On SlashDot there's a discussion going on about book piracy versus sharing free content online. It's a good read, some interesting points are raised IMHO, and guess what ? This site is mentioned !! (I discovered this by accident but I think it's really cool)

10/12/2003 - submitted by: renevd
I have changed the 'about' page for The Grim DotCom - I hope you guys like the new page !

07/12/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Satan contacted us recently to let you all know he's still alive and his absense involved personal stuff. He seems eager to resume publishing his comics, so keep an eye out for any new episodes of Macadamia !

29/11/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
The coward stalker got his wish: buzzcomics emailed us to remove our banner from the voting list. Which is fine by me, the past months the voting thing has only given me headaches anyway. So it is no longer possible to vote for us. If you wish to show support to our site, please either link to it or send us your honest opinion. Do try to use a real email address though, because we prefer dialogues.

28/11/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
And another thing: many of you have been asking us where Satan disappeared to, since Macadamia hasn't been updated since the end of September. The answer is: we have no clue. We've been emailing him as well and haven't received any replies. All I can say is we hope he is well and will return to his eager audience soon again !

27/11/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Some coward emailed us the following, from a fake email address:
you shouldn't be listed on the buzzcomix listings - they are not for collections of comics like yours. it gives you an unfair advantage, which is why people call you cheaters on the funnypapers list!
I have only three things to say... one, both lists mentioned only allow one vote per person per day as far as I know. Two, do you REALLY think people vote more just because we have more comics ? That's just bullshit, if you'll pardon my French. And three, quit hiding behind pseudonyms and fake email addresses: if you have something to tell us, at least have the guts to open a conversation. One-sided bashing simply makes you look like a lamer with too much time on their hands. So fuck off and go bomb a country or something.

17/11/2003 - submitted by: renevd
I have returned - quite against my own expectations I did experience jetlag, though it set in really late. Which is why I have only now decided to update this - I've been asleep for nearly a day ! Anyway, I just want to greet the Cool People (you know who you are) and say that I had a great time, though it's also good to be back.

02/11/2003 - submitted by: renevd
Ok, folks, I'm off for a two weeks vacation. My comics will continue to run for that time, but I can't promise to reply to any emails. I leave the site in the capable hands of the rest of the staff and, as the new governor of California might say, I'll be back !!

27/10/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
I've really had it with all the bashing in the reviews this site's received for getting a ton of votes over the past month at the Funnypapers ranking list. We are not cheating, as suggested, but hey, hate us all you want. Truth is, there's usually mostly crap at the top of that list anyway, so that tells me what kind of an audience votes there. I've decided to list us for a different voting list. We're starting out at 0, folks, so if you want to show us some love, now's your chance.

24/10/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Yesterday's episode of Worst Case Scenario showed a dead image for half of the day. Though that was my bad, it turned out our CMS apparently doesn't show the 'image unavailable' image correctly. I fixed this after I fixed the episode problem, so from now on you should always at least see *AN* image.

22/10/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Decide to reorganise the links per category in a more alphabetical way.

18/10/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Added a few banners and links and moved a few things around a bit. I suppose I could have blamed a certain evil runaway lumberjack midget for any confusion if you're looking for a certain link that has now been moved, but I'm afraid it was all me.

16/10/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Ivan's been spooking around the web - he has even been bothering God himself. Read for yourself.

13/10/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Joep van Abeelen and René van Densen start their new (Dutch) daily webcomic today: Worst Case Scenario. It's about inappropriate situations to receive free promotional sausages. Also, I've noticed a strange visitor popped up on our site here and there, and I have a hunch where he came from.

10/10/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Added some extra functionality to the site: If two artist worked together on an image, both their profiles can now be listed at the bottom of the page. Also, if a comic has a forum anywhere on the web for its readers to discuss the comic in, that can also be added now.

26/09/2003 - submitted by: renevd
Working as a direct colleague of infamous Dutch hacker Spider.007, I have witnessed times and times again how fragile most web applications are. This time, however, he's doing a bit of a favour with his latest hacking tricks. I'm not gonna tell what he's been doing - he knows. I just wanted to thank him here :)

22/09/2003 - submitted by: renevd
Welp, that didn't take long, the little competition to win one of the shirts by answering the question underneath today's episode of has been won. There's no need to send any more answers in.

20/09/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Latest news on Gregory's condition: he is home from the hospital now, and will sometime soon resume working on I'd like to take this space here to give him a warm welcome home !

20/09/2003 - submitted by: sionnainc
Here it is, my excuse for putting TWT on hiatus. If I Fell... My magnum opus in the opus-ing. Click for news and updates regarding this rather large comic endeavor.

12/09/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Update on Gregory's condition: they still haven't been able to figure out what he has, but they ruled out a lot of very serious possibilities, which is good news as long as your glass is half full. There's no telling when he can return home, let alone when he can work on his comic again. However, as some of you may have noticed, René van Densen has been guest comic'ing for a while now, and he'll still perfectly happy breaking every one of's unwritten rules. As long as nobody complains, he'll continue to do so.

04/09/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Bad news, everyone ! Our hit artist,'s own Gregory Cathalina, is currently in the hospital - yes, seriously. As of now, it's unsure what he has, but I'll make sure to keep you fans posted on any news. Meanwhile, make sure to send him a get well message, I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

03/09/2003 - submitted by: sionnainc
Okay, sorry again, everyone. College and my other big huge comic project are stressing me beyond belief, so TWT will be on hold for a little while. E-mail me if you want to be updated when the comic is.

28/08/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Regarding FrietKaas: they moved from a .com to a .nl - my bad. I put the link back up.

27/08/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
I removed the link to FrietKaas because - and I don't know if this is the result of hacking practices, a dadaist joke by the Frietkaas artists, or some other reason - it seemed to be replaced by hardcore porn. Sorry guys, but for that kind of material you'll have to go find another link page. We here at Probeersel are all about comic strips, not any other kinds.

21/08/2003 - submitted by: sionnainc
Finally, my scanner is fixed, and this week's edition of The Whole Truth is up for your viewing pleasure.

19/08/2003 - submitted by: renevd
Cat Satan is staying overnight at the vet's again tonight, folks. I think the poor cat has definately had more than his share of pain for this year, so I'm hoping he'll be back home with us soon again. Even with our other cat Damien around, it's still oddly quiet.

16/08/2003 - submitted by: sionnainc
Well, looks like I screwed up again. There won't be an installment of The Whole Truth this week, unless I can find a scanner, in which case it will appear later on in the week. Thanks for your understanding, my puny fan club!

11/08/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
I have *nothing* interesting to report about since I took a much needed week off - mostly, at least - , but Reasons Why We Rule publishes its 200th comic online, today ! Congratulations to Matt & Justin and I trust they'll keep up the great work and there'll be plenty more comics to come !

11/08/2003 - submitted by: renevd
About those four exposition spots in bar Cul de Sac: you guys missed your chance and I took it.

05/08/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
The webmaster has a day off because it's his birthday. Now go bite a penguin.

03/08/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Correction on previous announcement: Sionnain Comeaux's comic The Whole Truth has premiered. Go check it out :)

03/08/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
The site was down for a while today; not my fault, there were issues with the sever.

03/08/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Important announcement: Protagonist has asked me not to use the perl scripts that I've been using anymore because they are causing trouble on the server. Since the scripts run the entire site, simply taking them offline isn't an option, since that would take the entire site down. I need help ! I'm crammed with work as it is and can't just set up a PHP / MySQL solution like that ! If there's anyone out there who wants to help save, please, email me as soon as possible !! Otherwise this site will either go offline or be turned into a static site and nothing will update anymore. Either of which, I'm sure none of us want.

02/08/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Sionnain Comeaux wants you all to know there will be no episode of The Whole Truth this week due to personal circumstances. Be patient folks, the comic will premier next week.
Satan meanwhile launched his comic Macadamia of which the first episode will air this Sunday, and will update every following Sunday.
René van Densen is working hard on a four page comic for bar Cul de Sac to replace his previous drawing.

25/07/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Everyone, please welcome Sionnain Comeaux to this site ! Her new comic 'The Whole Truth' shall start appearing soon, and I'm fairly excited about what I've already seen of it. Stay tuned !

25/07/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Added a new link: Flight of the Stingray, an impressive adventure comic. I recommend reading it.

20/07/2003 - submitted by: renevd
I had a great night out, Saturday, and even ended up leaving an original Van Densen at my favourite bar. Read this if you want to see what I drew or if you want to expose your own comic work in a popular bar in Tilburg, the Netherlands !

17/07/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
I just realised how blasphemous this sight must seem: a comic about God, a cat called Satan, the Grim Reaper going into business, the cover of an upcoming graphic novel about a god training a junky for successor, and coming up soon, even a comic artist called Satan. We can't help it, blasphemy is funny and it makes us all come off as intelligent. *the entire comedy club is silent* But seriously, we're not trying for a blasphemous image, folks. We're simply really cool. I love this site !!

16/07/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
It's pretty official now: there will be a new artist joining this site - besides Sionnain Comeaux whose work we're also still very eagerly anticipating ! His name is Satan - yes, just like René van Densen's cat and star of One Year In Satan's Purrrgatory, but that's entirely coincidental. I've seen some of his stuff and I can say, I can barely wait !

15/07/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
I Guess the increase in visitors was just a random peak then, since visitor levels seem to slowly be restoring themselves..
Added a few links today, and might have some exciting news someday very soon. Just wait, it's not sure yet but it's good. :)

12/07/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Over the past week, there's been a huge increase in visits. I'm not complaining, but where are you all coming from ? Has there been an article published about this site or something ? (since the statistics say it's mostly direct requests, so not from a link on a different site) Could someone enlighten me please ?

10/07/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Added some new pictures for René van Densen and Joep van Abeelen.

07/07/2003 - submitted by: renevd
I am ill ! I haven't the foggiest clue what the hell is wrong, but it really ticks me off. I've been having irregular coughing fits and I'm tired all the time. And that for two days straight which is, for me, the equivalent of anyone else being ill for three years in a row. Or something. I'm getting old.
Anyway, someone pointed out that Joep's wallpapers were unavailable, and so they were. Entirely my bad, but I fixed it. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to be ill some more.

02/07/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Added two new pictures for René van Densen.

28/06/2003 - submitted by: renevd
If you count Sionnain Comeaux, who is still in the process of joining this site, as part of the Probeersel crew, I guess only Gregory and I aren't also publishing on, making that a 50/50 deal. In Joep's Gallery you can take a sneak peek at the (not entirely finished) new design of the 2003 edition of the t-shirts (front / back), which will be printed once the 2002 t-shirt competition is over. So if you like the new design really well, or you want to get your hands on one of the last 2002 t-shirts (first edition !!), make sure to speed up the 2002 competition.

27/06/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
I put a new banner at the top of all the pages, as well as on the Link This Site page. Let me know what ya think ?

24/06/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
o/~ Happy Birthday To Joep, Happy Birthday To Joep... o/~

20/06/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
I'm no big fan of the Rabbit's Nonsense Strips, but to rank on The Funny Papers number one for a long time is already impressive, and to care so little about that that you put up a description with nothing but "bla bla bla bla", that's just awesome, man :)

19/06/2003 - submitted by: renevd
They did post it !!

17/06/2003 - submitted by: renevd
The awesome comic Reasons Why We Rule is having a guest comic week - well, ok, so it started yesterday, and I'm late telling you guys, but still. I sent in a comic as well, don't know if it will be posted, but if it will, it'll feature several characters from One Year In Satan's Purrrgatory but drawn in a new style - and of course the characters from Reasons Why We Rule. It was a fun experiment and I hope they'll post it. In any case, go check out their site 'cause it rules and it always has.

10/06/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
I know it may seem like it's been quiet, but I'm very busy with the site behind the scenes. Right now, I'm trying to catch up with the links that don't have reviews yet.

04/06/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
By the way, in case you didn't notice yet or, already with this first episode have become a big fan of The Grim DotCom, there are fresh wallpapers of this comic you can download from the download page.

01/06/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
The exciting moment is here... Not only is The Grim DotCom launching, but so are the finished versions of the scripts that run once again I apologize for all the crashes we've had lately, but you don't want to know how much work went into these scripts to get them to work right...
For now, I hope you will all like the changes this brings with it, though I can be sure that one change isn't for the better: on 19/02/2002 I proudly announced you could change the number of pics on each page of the Probeersel books, well, for now, unfortunately, you can only see one picture per page. Each book has 182 pictures, so I realise this is annoying to some. I will look into either coming up with a workaround or setting up the Probeersel books differently altogether, soon, I promise. Bear with me folks, there's a lot going on !

27/05/2003 - submitted by: renevd
Cat Satan made it home safe yesterday and is doing well. However, the vets stuck us with a nice large bill, and they shaved him in a few spots which makes him look weird. He's getting lots of love and rest, and he's on a diet for a while.

23/05/2003 - submitted by: renevd
For those fans and other interested people: my cat Satan is currently undergoing surgery and has to take some rest this weekend, because - err - certain biological processes have been blocked by the formation of crystals, internally, and it's been causing him a lot of pain. I hope he makes it home safe and that all will be ok.

18/05/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
I've been messing with the scripts again, so the site might have displayed errors or strange results here and there. Done with the changes for now, but don't be surprised if it happens a few more times over the next few weeks.

11/05/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Just a few more weeks' worth of patience, folks...

01/05/2003 - submitted by: webmaster's Half Year Report is now available on the the download page.

29/04/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
Added a link to Penny Arcade to the links page.

20/04/2003 - submitted by: renevd
Happy Easter everyone !'s official statement is that this site is fully easter-egg-free. Or is it ? Don't let me stop you from searching each page !!

I noticed the site was temporarily unavailable for a bit today. Don't know what the problem was - it wasn't me this time.

04/04/2003 - submitted by: webmaster
It's official now: René van Densen's new comic strip will be called "The Grim DotCom" and it will launch on on June 1st, 2003.
Also, on May 1st, the second half-year report on is due to be published online, for those who are interested.