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PROBEERSEL.COM - Join Us - Resistance is...

PROBEERSEL.COM is a site run entirely by volunteer work and relatively unexpensive webspace. The intention is not to make money with the art and comics that can be found on here, but to publish them for the single goal of ensuring anyone can enjoy them for free. This is the firm belief of the founder of the site, and therefore no fee is paid, not to, nor by the webmaster, to anyone except the hosting company.

And PROBEERSEL.COM needs new people to help: Artists, writers and translators. But, as said, all work would be voluntary.

So why join ? First of all, PROBEERSEL.COM is a nice showcase for your work. Secondly, you will have freedom to publish what you want in your comic - a freedom a lot of comic artists lose once they start making a living with their work. Thirdly, because your art could inspire others to join too, allowing this community to grow larger. Fourthly, because isn't there already too much being corrupted by money ? Finally, just because we say it's a good idea.

OK, I'm Still Not A Believer, But Tell Me Anyway - How Do I Join ?

Well, it's easy, in fact.

If you're an artist, you just send the webmaster an email (mailto: in which you discuss your comic. You may enclose a few samples (please, no big files, keep it small).
No matter what else, you'll at least get a swift response.

Note that the webmaster has every right to deny your request if he thinks the material to be unfit to the site.

This site respects its artists fully - if at any point you wish to withdraw your works from the site, this will be done as soon as possible. A fair disclaimer requesting readers to respect the artist's hard work will always be added at the bottom of each webpage. All publishing will always be done in mutual agreement between the webmaster and the artist. Artists will not receive any money from the webmaster for their work, and they will never have to pay the webmaster anything either.

This site only accepts complete artwork and doesn't sell anything. If the artist wishes to sell merchandise of his work, such as books, t-shirts or anything else, the artist is always free to offer this at a different site and we will gladly link to there if requested.

If you already have a comic site up, you can also ask to be linked to from our links page. This can also be done by emailing the webmaster.

Also, if you want to be a part of a bigger comic project that intends to be very innovating, you could check out the Non Biblia Sacra project here (currently offline, email me for more information).

If you're a writer, you might also be interested in joining the Non Biblia Sacra project (currently offline, email me for more information).

If you're a translator, PROBEERSEL.COM is trying to get the Probeersel Graphic Novel Quintology published in as many languages as possible. Please contact the webmaster (click here) if you're interested in translating these books into a language they're currently not yet available in.

Free T-Shirts !

So What The Hell Is In It For Me ?

First of all, the advantages mentioned above. But to make it even more attractive, PROBEERSEL.COM has produced a very limited edition of free t-shirts, designed by René van Densen, and intended for the t-shirt competition. Where people joining in the competition will have to come up with original ways to promote the site, anyone who has been a very appreciated contributor to the website will automatically get one for free.
Keep your eye on this news message for news on these t-shirts.

Now all I need is your creditcard number. This last sentence is a joke.