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NEWS ARTICLE In Da House In Haarlem !

summary: At the bi-annual comics convention in Haarlem, some Probeersel members met up. We have pictures !

Place: the bi-annual comics convention in Haarlem, the Netherlands, a rather major event in the European comics scene. Date: the fifth of June, 2004. An event that has been exciting comics fans in Europe or at least in Holland. Craig Thompson was there, Seth was there, Martin Lodewijk was there, Mars Gremmen was there, EVERYONE was there. And so was Probeersel member Bandirah, standing near the statue of L.J. Koster. Soon joined by René van Densen, Gregory Cathalina, and co-star from One Year In Satan's Purrrgatory, Agazyr. Also present for undisclosed reasons was a mysterious bag, supposedly filled with flower.
Our presence there wasn't accidental (we all agreed to go check it out together) but we're still not sure what the deal with that bag of flower was. In any case, we've been spotted by various people, including a few people with cameras. We'll try to gather copies of all the pictures taken of us, but for now, here's the first two, by the "Kleppiefotograaf" from and two pictures Agazyr took with his cellphone.

Pictures the Kleppiefotograaf took

Gregory, Bandirah, the bag of flower, René, Agazyr and Barend pose for the Kleppiefotograaf

Gregory, Bandirah, the bag of flower, and René pose for the Kleppiefotograaf

Pictures Agazyr took

We're all quickly getting drunk The mysterious bag of flower watches our drinks

ComicHouse Party

PhotoShopped from original picture to point out Bandirah in the crowd !