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Troy Titane and Bandirah on !

summary: artists Troy Titane and Bandirah will join the new Dutch culture & general interest portal !

As of this March 10th, artist Troy Titane will be publishing a weekly column about cinema, tv and DVDs on the new Dutch culture & general interest portal He will, as such, be joining the other interesting writers like Ko de Laat and Jan Doms who are already writing columns and reviews on artist Bandirah will be illustrating this fresh new column with a fitting cartoon, also on a weekly basis. He, in turn, will follow in the footsteps of Peter van de Wiel, who is already gracing with interesting new cartoons. is a fresh new portal which aims to draw attention to cultural matters, such as music, entertainment, arts, and events - such as the first Dutch webcomics convention ClickBurg (at which event, several artists will also be present, exhibiting their work and signing anything you like). This event will also be broadcasted with webcam images, live, on the 1st of May, on is an initiative of Gilaworks, and is headed by Tom Peijnenburg who is actively involved in many interesting initiatives., although with a very general Dutch target audience, is based in Tilburg, which is also the home city for So in short, all in all, this is a very interesting collaboration between various people and initiatives !

So check out next Wednesday, March 10th, for the first episode of Troy Titane's new column, and Bandirah's first custom-drawn cartoon which will illustrate it. The title for the first episode will be "Kamelen, castratie en vooroordelen", which translates as "Camels, castration and prejudice". Admit that it sounds interesting already !

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