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The Grim DotCom - DotComing Soon !

summary: June 1st,'s new comic 'The Grim DotCom' will launch on the site. Check it out !

The Grim DotCom - premiering June 1st
It's been announced for a few months now, and even the half year report (see download page) brought it up: René van Densen's working on a new comic called 'the Grim DotCom'.
This will be a weekly comic, starring the Grim Reaper himself ! And guess what ? June 1st is the memorable day that the comic premiers on !

The Grim DotCom stars the Grim Reaper who finds out that death is hopelessly behind the times. So bad, in fact, that it direly needs updating - so a kid called John Gique talks him into founding a DotCom with him. But needless to say, to be able to perform their tasks properly, all employees of this company need to be dead !
And being an old-fashioned craftsman and an expert at what he does, the Reaper finds himself having a lot of difficulty adjusting to such matters as computers, email, firewalls, websites, clients, permits, and many, many other aspects of modern life that will cross his path in a hilarious way !
The Grim DotCom is an edgy, sarcastic, and slightly blasphemous look at the modern corporate world - one might even say, a very macabre version of Dilbert; though, as usual, in Van Densen's own, unique, gritty style.

The fans of Reasons Why We Rule already saw a sneak preview of this comic appear online in March, when Van Densen did a crossover comic in which he made the Grim Reaper and John Gique appear for the first time, online.
Now, in just a few more weeks, it will finally be time for the rest of the world to 'meet the Reaper' !
Check back June 1st, folks !!