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Argibald, Bandirah, René van Densen and Troy Titane draw live on the fair in Tilburg !

summary: artists Argibald, Bandirah, René van Densen and Troy Titane will be drawing live at the fair in Tilburg, from July 21st - July 31st. See and for more information.

In a unique collaboration project between De Cartoonbijbel, Ruimte-X, the ClickBurg foundation and brand-new Tilburg comics store De Stripfanaat, webcomic artists are invited to draw live at the Tilburg fair, the biggest fair in the BeNeLux ! And four artists have accepted the invitation !
The live webcomics will appear on the specially set up site: Argibald and Bandirah will be reporting live from Tilburg on Friday the 22nd of July, Troy Titane will shower down his linguistic goodies on Monday the 25th, and René van Densen will be present all ten days of the event.
So check out these upcoming weeks and if you're in the neighbourhood, see if you can find them - who knows, you might end up starring in a webcomic episode !