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NEWS ARTICLE Has 100 Free T-shirts To Give Away ! (competition closed)

summary: Like this site ? Want to show it ? Now you can !

You can get your 2002 limited edition shirt by emailing and tell us the original way you would promote this site if budget and feasability wouldn't matter ! is giving away 100 T-shirts (all size 'L') - for free !

The Probeersel T-shirts contest started August 1st, 2002 and runs, well, until the last T-shirt is won. This page will keep a constant update of how many T-shirts there are left. So send an e-mail to us with your name, the email address we can contact you at, and the most original way you would promote if you had the budget and the time to do it.
So get creative ! How would you make people check out this site ? What do you think it would take to get into their heads and make them type "" in their browser's address bar ?
Each winner will receive one T-shirt. Since this is a limited edition, we will only be giving them away one per person.
The only reason we need your email address is to contact you if you've won a shirt.
The last of the T-shirts was won, so the competition is now officially over. But a new one will be launched soon !

get your own t-shirt ! UPDATE (April 20, 2004)

The competition went great and as of today all T-shirts are gone ! I have decided to list a few of my favourite answers here - for privacy purposes, I will not reveal the people who came up with them.

Train a choir of parrots to sing ''. There must be plenty of horrible tv shows willing to show this to the world population.

If there is one thing that will get a college students attention it is free food. If there is anything more powerful to attract the college crowd it is free alcohol. Hence, my idea to promote the site would be to have a huge free bbq with beer, and then have the website's address on the beer cans and plates and napkins. Also, give out free door prizes such as bumper stickers with a probeersel website logo and addy, t-shirts. That kind of thing. Oh and you could have a band playing live, and the drummer's drum cover could also say on it.

Start a competition where users have to think of an original way to promote 100 t-shirts to be won for the most original contributions. (Ha ha ha... I'm listing this one so nobody will bother trying to send that one in anymore)

You buy a plane and attach a banner that says, with very big letters, 'WWW.PROBEERSEL.COM'. You either fly it yourself, or hire some nutcase Iraky, to fly across the ocean to the Americas, where, for originality, you fly over Ground Zero, the Pentagon, and the White House. Then you fly back to Holland. In Amsterdam you gas up, while eating an albatross sandwich, which you try to keep inside. Then you fly off to Paris, with the same banner of course. You make a trick manouver to the Eiffel tower, to make sure you fly low enough for all the TV cameras to see you. You repeat that trick a few times, make them sweat.
Then you let the Iraky pilot (because this is a bit risky to do yourself) fly into that big Parisan glass art-pyramid with a big box of t-shirts in his hands.
All you'll have to do is tell the media that the actions of that day were all organised by action group The police will arrange the media exposure for you then.
World famous at once. Plus, considering this site's content, you made a statement in Paris, the city of aquarel.

Ask Osama bin Laden to display the URL on his dress on his next videomessage to the world.

First you try to settle the war between Israel and Palestina by making them, instead of fighting, express their anger on (digital) paper and publish it on your site. Of course make sure your site gets credit for solving the most topical and currently most exposed world problem. Although you might want to watch out for angry reporters who lose their jobs because they can't keep their daily reports anymore ;)
Should this fail, although I doubt it, you can try to become the first man to land on Mars. This while pronouncing the legendary words "He who doesn't try, won't archieve anything!", followed by "I owe it all to!!!".
Good luck on learning two new languages, or getting your space flight license...

Call Bill Gates and get the IE homepage set to as the default. One hundred twenty million viewers instantly!

Just send me the t-shirt and have FAITH that when I wear it it will boost the number of visitors to

Bury a couple of them in the Iraqi desert. When they'll get dug up by the US 'liberaters', the stinging humor of that great site will certainly be considered as a weapon of mass destruction and get all the publicity you want.

What about offering interesting content? :) Genuinely interesting content will attract visitors by itself and doesn't need tricky campaigns to lure people to your site.

Throw folders with the URL and 'teaserstrips' out of a plane over major cities.

If I was going to advertise I would get 18 atractive women who would be willing to go toppless (don't worry where I live its totaly leagal for women to bare all above thier waist) and paint one letter of on each of their fronts and backs. So the first woman would have a w in front and a m on her back. I would also have them hand out flyers saying what the site has on it and what it's all about.
I think that would turn heads and get people to check out your site.

If you send me a T-shirt, I'll wear it at Lowlands. So?
Well, I think I'll stick out in the crowd ;).

Step one: Obtain a massive sheet of banner paper.
Step Two: In huge block letters, write the words "ITíS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO GO TO WWW.PROBEERSEL.COM" across it in gigantic capital lettering.
Step Three: Plaster this across the most influential building you can find (the white house might be a good idea - just make sure the color of your banner paper isnít the same color of the building, or you might have camouflaging issues). Maybe even plaster it across several influential buildings. Donít feel bad if you accidentally block entrances or exits in the process - people will be forced to stare at the banner for longer of periods of time if they have to find a way around it and are then more likely to remember it.
Step Three: (That's two steps three...) Watch as thousands people flock to your site, determined to prove you wrong.
Hey, this plan never fails when you tell people they canít lick their own elbows.

If I'd had the budget and time, I'd obviously hire some Monthly Playboy Playmates, get them in one of them choppers from the Vietnam war, just like they did in Apocalypse Now, and make em trow out these flyers, where it says, free hentai here --> And on some busy places, like the Dam at Amsterdam, that chopper would touch down, and get the attention of a lot of people. Hireing some music artists wouldn't work, because there is no music artist that's being liked by everyone, however, everyone DOES likes the Monthly Playboy Playmates.
Now gimme the fuckin T-shirt :D

Get people's attention? May 7th is No Pants Day. What better way to get attention for probeersel then to be wearing the site's shirt without pants on?

So the way i would advertise your site is by: To begin with I'd fill a hot air balloon, with your site printed on it, with hot air (duh!) and business cards with the website on them and some cool design (colorful and attractive ;-) ). I'd fly the balloon over big sporting events and when I'm in the dead center I'd pop the balloon and all the business cards would fly out in every direction. I'd parachute down in a parachute with your website on it! Then I'd sneak into a military base and get a hold of the biggest cargo airplane. I'd fill it with groovy business cards and other nifty souveniers all promoting your website. I'd fly it all over the country and drop the stuff everywhere! No one would be left out. And when the cops finally stop me and try to charge me with robery and suposed acts of terrorism all that will come out of my mouth is "," and they'd have interviewed on TV and I'll just repeat the same thing over and over. The media will go crazy and soon I'll be on every talk show, on every channel, and on the news yet all they can get me to say is ",!" Everyone will know (Evil laugh)!!!

I thank you all for your incredibly inventive and entertaining entries ! has decided to continue this concept and launch a new design for the summer of 2003, and although we're running nearly a summer late now, these "2003 edition" T-shirts will be in a new contest, coming soon ! The t-shirt design will be done by Joep van Abeelen.