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Spontaneous Cul de Sac Exhibition

summary: Ambitious new comic artists, pay attention if you want your work displayed in bar Cul de Sac in Tilburg !

Ok, to properly explain this, I first have to tell you about a few things.
One may not be much of a secret: I really like one particular bar in Tilburg (the Netherlands - the city where I live), Cul de Sac. It's like a rock version of Cheers, in the sense that most people know each other there, it's always fun to go there. And the audience consists of comic artists (varying from reasonably well-known to, say, founders), poets, philosophers, rock musicians, painters - in short, there's always interesting conversations you can have there.
I went there last night (It's the 20th of July, 2003 as I write this) and I must admit I forgot what was originally on the wall there - they have a well-exposed wall that's right next to the dancefloor and near the bathrooms - but it was empty now, and since there was a light right in the middle of that wall, it looked very very empty. And just as I thought about pointing that out, the personnel (there are some very creative people working there) had started drawing some things to put up there. And since I'm practically furniture there, and they apparently like my drawings, I was asked to do one, too.
This sort of resulted in below, spontaneous, live exposition. The second one from the left is mine :)

The prestegious Cul de Sac exhibition

Now, here's the thing: though this is a nice collection of images, they came up with the idea of, perhaps, giving promising young (Tilburg or otherwise) comic artists a shot to expose a page of work there. Now, I'm not sure wether or not they'll make an official announcement, but I kind of like the idea. It's a cool bar, and as said, comic artists and people of all walks of like go there. So it's good exposure !
So if you like the idea, and you want to expose your work, you can contact them by simply going to the bar, or else you can probably contact them through the Cul de Sac site. We're talking four exposition spots, of a little smaller than A3 format.
I might make something, myself - something a little less unprepared than that 'Dronken Vis' drawing - too. Who knows.
René van Densen, 20/07/2003, Tilburg.