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get your own t-shirt ! Has Another 100 Free T-shirts To Give Away !

summary: Like this site ? Want to show it ? Now you can - again !

You can get your 2003 limited edition shirt by emailing us ideas for plotlines for the Retirement story ! is giving away another 100 T-shirts (various sizes) - for free !

Our second Probeersel T-shirts contest started March 24th, 2004. This page will keep a constant update of how many T-shirts there are left. So send an e-mail to us with your name, the email address we can contact you at, and your ideas for plotlines for the Retirement story !
So get creative ! A God deciding to retire and training a homeless addict - where should the story go ? What should happen ?
Each winner will receive one T-shirt. Since this is a limited edition, we will only be giving them away one per person.
The only reason we need your email address is to contact you if you've won a shirt.
Click here to mail us your ideas !