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24 Hour Comic Event 2004 !'s 24 Hour Comic Event 2004

summary: On February 29, 2004, several artists will each attempt a 24 Hour Comic, which is considered one of the greatest challenges comic artists can take. Other artists and sites are of course welcome to join in on the fun !

February 29, leap day. A day we get for 'free' every four years. Is it just me or does a day like that deserve that you do something special with it ?
Well, three artists will. They are using that day to attempt what is considered the Mount Everest in drawing comics: a 24 Hour Comic.
What is a 24 Hour Comic ? It's basically a dare, and a test of skills. Each artists has exactly, to the minute, 24 hours to draw a 24-page comic book. Barely any preparation, and once the pen hits the paper, the clock starts ticking. 24 Hours later, the comic should be finished and online.
Scott McCloud himself originally invented this challenge, and worldwide only some 300 attempts or so have been made and finished. So this is no picknick in the park, people - we are testing our limits !
The full overview of the rules to a 24 Hour comic can be found here, if you are interested in what it is exactly.
Participating in this big event will be:

Gregory Cathalina
René van Densen
Sionnain Comeaux

Other artists:
Steve Troop from

So on February 29th, they have 24 hours to come up with a full comic, 24 pages, and at the end of that day, each comic will be online for all of the audience to read. hereby also invites other comic artists and other comic sites to participate - it's a huge challenge, but it can also be a lot of fun. If you choose to join our collective challenge, please email us that you will and we will add your name to the list of participants, along with a link to your website.
So, from the first minute of that day (which will vary per timezone each artist is in, of course) to the last, we might get a lot of interesting new comic material to read. Please check back for updates on who else will be joining, and of course, keep an eye out for any of these 24 Hour Comics appearing at the end of February 29, 2004 !

Update: If the event on the 29th is inconvenient for you, you might want to browse the 24 Hour Comic pages, because a little under two months later, Scott McCloud's new book, ABOUT the 24 Hour Comics, will come out, and to celebrate that, another event will be organised. This event will take place on April 24. So, that means TWO dares at least this year. Don't tell me you STILL don't feel challenged...

Update (29/2/2004): We're well underway. You can read the 24 Hour Comics here when things are being uploaded:

Gregory Cathalina's comic
René van Densen's comic
Sionnain Comeaux' comic
Steve Troop's comic