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5 Year Anniversary of a Great Success !

summary: on the evening of August 5th, in bar Cul de Sac in Tilburg, the Netherlands, celebrated its five year anniversary and despite the obscurity of the evening as a whole, there was a huge audience and most thought it was a big success. A few reports.

For more information about this evening, you really should first read the announcement we published beforehand.
August 5th was a modest success - the bar Cul de Sac was fairly packed, and the entire evening really was ' on a stage'. Everything was unconventional in one way or another, and a bit creatively-sloppy slapped together, but it was memorable to say the least. Memorable also to the audience, which consequently crippled this site the very next day in their curiosity.
We realise it's a bit late to publish this report of the evening, but we took the liberty to list a few links to various reports that others did, below. All for you who could not be there but are curious to find out what it was like. Although none of these reports get even close to the actual evening folks, that came and went and if you missed it, you missed out. Let me tell ya !

Dutch Reports has a report with a few pictures up. Marcel Mutsaerts has way better pictures though (both collections also prove that Argibald was there and part of the festivities. Matt Baay and Siroj were also there but not photographed.)
Omroep Brabant was present at the night, both the radio division as the TV division, but they both focussed on the inauguration of Troy Titane and René van Densen as 'nachtburgemeesters' (nightlife mayors) of the city of Tilburg. You can find the audio recording of the radio-broadcast, and the video recording of the TV broadcast, at this link., who made the live video connection to Wilbert van Herwijnen in Brasil possible, has a video of that online for those who want to see Wilbert's explanation again. They also published Troy and René's inaugural speeches.
And comic journalist Jeroen Mirck was reading the following review live on stage, right after Bandirah's essay on ants.
And really loves the 'nachtburgemeester' topic in their criticism, which is great fun to read. So here's a little list of articles about the subject, by date: June 24th (2 articles), July 21st, July 24th, August 5th and August 6th. Oh, and August 25th.

English Reports
Gregory Cathalina's band Emperör also reported on the evening. They changed their name to Imperatör after the specific night, so you can find their report here, now.
And here's a funny cartoon response that requires little translation...