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ARGON ZARK - Charley Parker
main characters: Argon Zark, Cybert, Zeta Fairlight
summary: Argon Zark takes his two friends along on a PTP(Personal Transfer Protocol)-trip on the Internet, which means they can walk around physically on websites. Of course they stumble upon a group of guys who Secretly Run Everything, and all hell breaks loose.

The comic has a slightly strange sense of humour but is very enjoyable, and even more: this comic tries to use the Online element as much as possible, through javascript- and gif animations, etc.
I can't really say much bad about it except that Argon, his rhyming bot Cybert, and Zeta don't appeal to me much. The general drawing style doesn't attract me much (which doesn't mean it's bad !) and the bright colours are also not my first choice in a comic's look and feel.
Also, this comic, because of its many animations and layer effects, isn't as low-widthband friendly as some others on the web are. But, it's worth checking out, to say the least.

Click here to read "Argon Zark" for yourself