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Bob The Squirrel - Frank Page
main characters: Bob (the Squirrel), Frank (Page), Treesha, Angie (Frank's girlfriend), Crow
appears weekly or semi-daily, it seems to depend - in English only

Bob is furry. Bob is naive. Bob is noisy. Bob is hyper. Bob is lazy. Bob talks to imaginary fish. Bob is aspiring to be a singer with the Temptations. Bob will probably never be a singer with the Temptations. Bob is easily impressed by anything except cable. Bob likes Treesha. Bob haunts Frank's life. Bob stars in a lot of comic episodes so far. Bob has already demanded to be paid for that. Bob is not a very good defense against killer pizza boxes. Bob's archive doesn't navigate too friendly. Bob is cute. Bob has ran for president in the past. Bob didn't win. Bob likes peanuts. Bob likes strawberries, too. Bob has been appearing on the web since May 12, 2002. Bob may have been on the internet before that date, but that's how far his archive goes. Bob may deny it, but Bob is a squirrel. Bob is occasionally funny. Bob is well-drawn. Bob even occasionally is the subject of the artist trying out new stuff. Bob is funnier now than he originally was. Bob is definately worth checking out.

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