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CALVIN & HOBBES - Bill Waterson
main characters: Calvin, Hobbes, Mom, Dad, Suzie
appears daily - in English only

What is there to say about Calvin & Hobbes ? Is there really any human being in the world who hasn't spent even one moment in the world of hyperactive, daydreaming Calvin and his pet tiger ? And has anyone never felt bad for his mom and dad for being stuck with the tireless brat ?
And has noone ever wondered if Calvin and little Suzie will one day get past their quarrels and just admit they have a childhood crush on one another ?
If there is such a person, you're hereby obliged to read these comics. If you don't, you risk missing out on a wonderful world that each of us once lived in when we were kids, drawn by one of the most talented hands in the business.
And you'll never understand the rules to Calvinball.

Click here to read "Calvin & Hobbes" for yourself