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COMICBASE.NL - Dutch comics news and reviews site

Jeroen Mirck, one of the better comics journalists in the Netherlands, is the main man behind, which he founded on July 30th, 2001. He writes for various comics media and often supplies comics news for newspapers and magazines like StripSchrift. He used to work at for a while also but quit there, because - his words - they don't want to publish his critical reviews. was already a nice source of information and news about foreign and domestic comics and comic artists, and a good source of reviews of various comic books, and since its drastic redesign which launched on April 19, 2004 (by a duo, half of which consists of none other than comic artist Nozzman), it has also actually become a pleasant site to look at.
Updated frequently, friendly to navigate, very informative - if the content was available in English as well instead of in Dutch only, I could probably recommend this site to anyone. But if you can read Dutch and want to stay relatively informed, this site deserves your attention.

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