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DAMAGED - Diana Yee
main characters: Dresden, Soren, Cole, Tegan, Immi, Nallie, Lew, Johan
updated irregularly - in English only

Damaged is a rather beautifully drawn and ambitious project, set in a future society where Genryx Techonology apparently Designs people, which means they can alter a human being before or after birth. The story is all set in the Elite Academy School, where 'Normals' and 'Designeds' attend together. It sounds like an alternative take on X-Men, but as far as I could tell, there's no spandex or adamantium claws in sight.
Ok, that was cheap, but still, my point is made - Damaged is an emotional, interesting tale that I can only recommend reading. New pages are still being published regularly, so expect the story to unfold further.
As for the site, it's usually easy to navigate - I wrote 'usually' because the design seems to change every month. Usually - hehe - for the better, though.

Click here to read "Damaged" for yourself