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DIRK JAN - Mark Retera
main characters: Dirk Jan
appears weekly - in Dutch only

Dirk Jan has actually been around for quite a while and has always appeared in one comics magazine, then another once it went bankrupt, etc.
Not to say anything too negative about this comic: it is hardly the reason for any magazine to go bankrupt. But, let me say this first: Dirk Jan is justabout as corny and dry as Dutch comics get.
However, it's all extremely tongue-in-cheek, and over the years this big-boned coke bottle-framed young man with the eternal striped shirt has gained himself quite a fanbase who all constantly crack up with every dry joke Retera pulls with the comic. Wether it involves Jehova Smurfs, shameless parodies on Superman, wacky pirates adventures or anything else.
The Dutch broadcasting company "Veronica"'s TV-guide (not to give the impression that there aren't other Dutch TV-broadcasting companies or TV-guides, mind you) is now publishing these comics on a weekly basis - why am I telling you that ? Well, because the site I'm reviewing here publishes exactly *those*. You can tell, too - cut out of the TV guide, scan, upload. But hey, to those Dirk Jan junkies that spend a lot of time online, this is a welcome change from all the sites that are only *about* Dirk Jan.
I personally must admit that from time to time, this comic will have me laughing also. There's just something charming about it. If you can read Dutch, I recommend it.

Click here to read "Dirk Jan" for yourself