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Feutisj - Home page of Agnes van Belle & Sander Kloppenburg, Dutch (comic) artists

There's not much I can say about this site yet. There's some pleasant semi-amateur artwork on it, and a couple of comics. The longer comic "de Journey de Joeri" has some very interesting art concepts smuggled into an otherwise not-terribly-original-but-very-pleasant-to-read story and is definately worth a look at. The other comic on there so far, "het zal wel" tells about two kids, their semi-alcoholic mother, and several hamsters that get killed. It's not terribly great but there's a few episodes which are definately worth a chuckle.
I can't decide wether Sander (who created "de Journey de Joeri") and Agnes (the lady behind "Het Zal Wel") are 'on to something' or just another few amateur comic artists who'll soon be forgotten. Either of them may very well amaze you and me yet. But not with the material on this site.
Definately redeeming is the site design which is pleasantly original and artistic and yet still easily navigable. A rare combination of qualities these days.

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