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FrietKaas - Dutch comic magazine

Stichting Nooitgelezen initiated this magazine, which is basically an expansion of De Bedenkelijk Kijkende Grondeekhoorn, because next to S. Lloyd Trumpstein, Ivo van Leeuwen and Jeroen de Leijer, there are a huge load of other comic artists from Belgian and Dutch underground scene involved this time.
The magazine is interesting - it's described as 'visual drugs', and that's pretty much what it is. To some, drugs are useless junk that they'd never touch, to others it's something they couldn't possibly live without. FrietKaas is similar: you either love it and can't wait for issue 2, or you look at it and can't help wondering what on earth posessed anyone to make 'that'.
The site is also not incredibly informative about it - just like the magazine, it's just the artists having fun. And what could possibly be wrong with that ?
I dunno. I liked the magazine, I kind of like the site, but I can understand quite well that a lot of folks wouldn't. It's their loss, but still - I recommend at least taking a few looks.

Click here to surf the FrietKaas website for yourself