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GAMES OF GOD - Charles Harbour, Mark Absolom and Gareth Owens
main characters: Liana, her parents, Nigel, Mavis
summary: Liana grows up on a world terraformed by Ancorps, feeling alienated from Earth's human life and about to get confronted with a member of the original species that lives on that planet.

Gareth Owens once saw the GOG site linked from an older version of this site, as "Games Of God - not too great graphic novel". It triggered a verbally violent response in him, which resulted in the most interesting hatemail conversation this site has had so far.
The responses tell enough about my personal view on the project. But, as he and I both agreed, Games Of God is not by far without merit. The computer-generated images are high quality, the world it shows is wide in imagination and inventiveness, and the story definately starts off really promising. It is a reasonable starting ground for a good story. Unfortunately it seems the project will likely not evolve further.
The use of computer graphics, as well as the storytelling style, are innovative enough to make this a nice addition to the expanding world of online graphic novels, so the site is without a doubt worth checking out.

Click here to read "Games Of God" for yourself