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GERRIT DE JAGER - Dutch comic artist

Don't even think about dissing Gerrit de Jager, or I'll come and beat you up. It so happens that for a long time now, De Jager has been an absolute hero of mine - his unique style, his snappy humour, and what I admire about him most is his extraordinary productivity. At one point, he had more comics running simultaneously than I have drawn total, and he produced genius work for them -- WEEKLY !! (and some even daily, being newspaper comics)
His most famous comics include Liefde En Geluk, Roel En Zijn Beestenboel and De Familie Doorzon. You can walk up to any dutchman or woman in the streets and confront them with those titles, and chances are they will not only know them, but grin with immediate memory of some favourite episode. His comics have appeared in a wide variety of Dutch magazines and newspapers, ad campains and he even was heavily involved with a Dutch comedy show, Niemand De Deur Uit, about, you may have guessed, the house life of a struggling Dutch comic artist.
He took a break for a while around the turn of the century, but in 2001 he returned, running two new weekly projects right now (as well as still keeping up some of the older ones !) that explore his more family-house father side, but with a lot of the old snappy humour in it, as well.
His official website, revolving around De Familie Doorzon, is Flash-based, but, along with Joe Cartoon, one of the best excuses to install that damn Flash plugin already. Sweeeeeeeeeet.

Click here to surf Gerrit de Jager's for yourself