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GHOST HOUSE STUDIO - Dutch comics/animation community

I get a big kick out of this kind of stuff from time to time, but I can imagine not everyone likes it: heavy-load Flash sites, well-designed by gamers, with some nice rock background music, and to top it off, it's about comics !
That's exactly what this site is. I immediately would like to point out it took a bit of searching for me to figure out how to close the screen again, and you're moving the mouse around a bit before you can find the galleries to actually see the comics, but the stuff looks spectacular, so who's complaining ?
This little community was founded by Robin Keijzer who has also been tipped off to the world as promising young blood through the magazine MYX (although he's a direct colleague of its editors) and this young collective collaborates with one another through workshop-like sessions, comments, they organise meetings, network with other communities - they're a friendly presence, and should definately be pointed out to the world.
So unless you hate Flash sites, or the kind of designs gamers come up with, or sites that blast rock music out of your speakers, you should go check this out, now.

Click here to surf the Ghosthouse Studio site for yourself