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HEIN DE KORT - Dutch comic artist

Hein de Kort is yet another very big name in Dutch comic strips. His distinctive style and crude humour leap out in every strip he does. If you've seen his work before, he'll need no introduction. You'll know him.
He lets his characters curse, make obscene gestures, be obscene, and always in the same 'thrown on the canvas' style.
He has published countless comic books, been involved in several ad campains, and was part of the jury on the Dutch show 'Ter Land, Ter Zee & In De Lucht' for a while.
As for his comics and style.. I'm not his greatest fan. Let that be said - but I do think his comics helped shape the face of Dutch and European comics, and his fame is well-deserved. And everyone should decide for themselves wether or not his style is likable or not. is his official site, and went live very recently. It shows samples of his style, a little background information, links to a few related sites, and you can also view it in the new I-mode (for mobile internet) where it shows a daily joke, I-cards, screensavers and much more.

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