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HENK KUIJPERS - Dutch comic artist

Henk Kuijpers' heroine Franka has been around in Dutch/European comics for a long time, and is still getting into adventures today.
Kuijpers is one of those rare people that can combine a cute, somtimes even sexy style, with tight stylish graphic design for the backgrounds. He makes large studies of how buildings and rooms look in several places in the world, and these backgrounds reappear in the comics.
The adventures of Franka and her pet dog Bas are, or so I think personally, pretty far-fetched (she keeps playing private-eye, and stumbles upon island-size airplanes developed by rich tycoons, prehistoric animals in lost valleys, masterthieves that end up dating her, etc.) and the emotional level of them doesn't touch me too strongly either.
What I do admire about him, as said, is his extremely unique drawing style. Henk Kuijpers is an uncanny craftsman, and that does need to be mentioned. Quite a lot of samples of that can be found on his official webpage. (Mind you that the site is in all Dutch.)

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