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HOMESTAR RUNNER (Mike & Matt Chapman, Missy Palmer)
Flash (and puppet) animation site

Homestar Runner is a jock with a blonde girlfriend named Marzipan. His best friends are Coach and Pompom. His main enemy is Strong Bad, who occasionally gets help from his brothers Strong Mad and Strong Sad, and his evil sidekick The Cheat. They all live in a town ruled by a King, who has his own Poopsmith.
The stories and characters from the Homestar Runner world have an absurd sweetness over them - it's like a bunch of children pretending they're mature characters. It's all play, and it's very, very funny. Homestar is the hero but he doesn't understand much, indulges himself constantly in all kinds of silliness, and never really pays attention. Strong Bad is the evil villain but he'll just as easily sit around with all the other characters eating biscuits.
Although the basic idea(s) behind this site and its animation are reasonably limited, the animators / voice actors really run with it splendidly, which results in cute funny animations and games, which will at least make you chuckle from time to time. It's like reading Calvin & Hobbes, without Bill Waterson's adult sarcasm seeping in. It's cute ! It reminds one of the games we all played when we were children.
Don't get me wrong, though, Ren & Stimpy-esque influences come into play when you start watching 'older footage' or several of the parodied commercials for breakfast cereal or Cheat Commandos action figures. But let's face it - these are parodies of the commercials that used to interrupt our favourite kids' shows.
If you feel like a good (clean) laugh, or if you want to get nostalgic about the nonsense you came up with when you were really young, you should check this site out. Be prepared to waste a lot of time here, though, since the 'cartoons' section is rather vast, and the loads of funny semi-hidden features are worth checking out as well. Just the main menu has kept me busy for fifteen minutes (since there are some 20 different versions of it - keep clicking 'main', trust me) !

Click here to dive into the adventures of Homestar Runner for yourself