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JANA - André Gerrits
main characters: Jana and her neighbour Ron
attempting to be a regular comic - in English only

Jana is a sexy readhead who goes on adventures, often accompanied by her grouchy, cynical neighbour Ron. Although graphically this comic resembles the style of Henk Kuijpers a lot (and Gerrits admits he is a main influence) and his comic Franka also deals with an adventurous, sexy redhead, the two comics are very different. Franka barely contains any humour at all, and although the humour in Jana may not be to everyone's taste (for me, personally, it's all a bit too soft, but that's just a matter of preference) it is undeniably there.
Basically, the comics on this site are irregularly appearing short or longer adventure stories, most of which are pre-published there before they appear in (self-funded) album form.
The comic is interesting enough to spend some time with, to say the least, and you should check it out. But then, why else would we have put up the link ?

Click here to read "Jana" for yourself