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JOE CARTOON (Joe Shields)
Flash animation site

Joe Cartoon barely needs any introduction. His first classics, such as Frog in a Blender, JoeFish and Gerbil In A Microwave, got emailed around the world so much that in 1999, Symantec AntiVirus Research Center listed two of them as 'known files' in case their virus scanner would pick them up on someone's harddrive.
Not bad for a cartoonist whose work no-one wanted to print before he discovered Flash. I bet the magazine editors that refused him are still kicking themselves.
Joe Shields, loving father in his 40'ies, decided to unleash his perverted mind on the Internet, and it caught on. Bigtime. Today, only few that roam the Web haven't heard of him before.
So really, unless you're amongst those few, why on earth did you need a review to tell you this ? Or were you hoping I'd diss him ? Well, just for the heck of getting hatemail, I would, but fact is, Joe Cartoon rules. I find myself checking the site for new material at least twice a month.
There are worse things in life to be hooked on. Right ?

Click here to surf the Joe Cartoon site for yourself