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John and John - d!o
main characters: you're allowed to guess.
appears every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - in English only

John and John is described in the title of the page as 'a sick comic by d!0' - can I start off with saying I have never heard of d!o before ? Which is odd because from the looks of his own personal website (which is under J&J's links page) it's abundantly clear that he knows what he's doing and has been around a while. He's clearly at a quality level where it's remarkable that his work hasn't appeared in the likes of Zone 5300 or MYX yet.
Dio 'D!o' van der Veen is a Dutch comic artist from Nijmegen. His comic John & John is best described as 'Maaike Hartjes meets Monkey Business', since it features Hartjes-style characters in jokes with a similar awkward sense of humour to it as Monkey Business.
In sharp contrast to Monkey Business, though, John and John discuss current events, and in fact do so from a Dutch point of view - but in English. So if you're a fan of Maaike Hartjes, Monkey Business, or you want a pretty funny way to gain some insight in how we in our little country view the world, this comic is for you. I for one like it.

Click here to read "John & John" for yourself