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KYOKI PRESS - large Asian-style comics site featuring work by Kaichi Satake

No comics site can pretend to be complete anymore, or open-minded, if it doesn't also link to at least one Asian-style comics site. That sounded cynical, and I mean a bit of what I just said. Manga, hentai, DBZ and Pokemon blasted the japanese comics and animation into the European and American comics market, but I have yet to stumble upon works from that part of the world that truly impress me.
So maybe I'm not the most perfect guy for the job of writing this particular review. On the other hand, I can see the drawing skills of Kaichi Satake dripping off his pages. One has to be blind to miss that this is one artist who can draw.
But I guess in the end it's a cultural difference - no Asian comic has ever touched me, and even the 'cute' ones I often find just plain stupid. (Sinfest is an exception, but then, that comic isn't fully Asian, now is it ?)
I gave the comics on this site a chance and I guess I think they're worth checking out. Beware that they're crammed with the clichés of the genre - but if you can look beyond that, the style is great and if you're really into it, I think this site is nice to spend some time at.

Click here to read the comics at Kyoki Press for yourself