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Melonpool - Steve Troop
main characters: Mayberry Melonpool, Sam T. Dogg, Ralphie Zinobop, Jalea Bates, Maddie the cat, Ralphie's clone, Sammy the Hammy, Roberta Smeffinfeffer, Captain Quack. (Yes ! A cast page !)
currently on hiatus - in English only

Although Melonpool has been around for ever and ever online (well, since April 28, 1996, but that's close enough for an online existence) I never really took the time to properly read this funny comic. It's basically a gag-driven webcomic written and drawn by an old-tv-shows junkie, if you want me to nutshell it for you. It's actually quite good and funny, and the drawing style is damn near amazing.
I don't think I need to introduce this comic much since it's definately a well-known comic, and I have grown to like Steve Troop as a person too much to say anything critical here. Well, perhaps not. I don't know him that well, anyway ;) (The fellow particapated in our own 24 Hour Comic event - result here - and he even wrote an article about it)
The main drawback this comic has on me is that the jokes are a tad too mellow for me, personally. But that's digging for something to criticize, really, and subjective to boot. Especially the parodies and references on old-time television shows and movies are incredibly well-done and, well, this comic is just good entertainment. So get off my back. I'm not gonna say ANYTHING bad about it. Shoo. Go read the funny strips on that site.

Click here to read "Melonpool" for yourself