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Monkey Business - Karl Wang
main characters: two guys (if you can find their names anywhere, email me..)
appears several sometimes-regular times a week - in English only

Monkey Business is a comic about two guys. One is kind of laid-back and generally seems pretty normal, whereas the other one is certifiably insane, and has a tendency to be dangerously violent to top it off.
Now, whereas this sounds like a pretty cool concept to build upon, that sums it up pretty much completely. For some jokes, the characters even might as well have been interchangeable. The general weirdness of the comic isn't exactly excessive (not like, say, Red Meat), either.
The site looks nice but offers only standard stuff. A main page, a comic archive, an 'extra' section with just some random art by the creator, a links page, an e-mail link, and a forum which when I visited this site, was down.
So why bother linking at all ? Because this guy - Karl Wang - has a style that evolves masterfully throughout the archive. That alone is fascinating to watch: from a reasonably standard webcomic artist level to someone who does wonders with his 'sketchy' style.
On top of that, this comic gets addictive. It may even become 'fun' to you if you read enough of it. Which, I guess, means this comic holds several elements of quality this reviewer can't seem to put into words. It's worth checking out. That's the least I can give this site.

Click here to read "Monkey Business" for yourself