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MR.SATANISM - Brad D. Sibbersen
main characters: Mr.Satanism, Tom, St'Perry
appears irregularly - in English only

Brad D. Sibbersen wrote a small rampage against the comic books industry on his site, and instead of being just another whiner about capitalism, he makes good on his criticism by becoming a self-funded publisher of comics that his criticism can't touch.
That alone is quite a feat. Personally, I must say his style intrigues me - I've seen enough professional work to not mistake his for that level of excellence, but it's a very consistant style and the characters, especially through their dialogues and the things they do to each other, become likeable.
Right now all he has up on the site is some old work, but even that is somewhat enjoyable to check out.

Click here to read "Mr.Satanism" for yourself