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NON SEQUITUR - Wiley Miller
main characters: Joe Pyle, Danae Pyle, Kate Pyle, capt. Eddie, Flo, Homer, God
appears daily - in English only

Wiley is brilliant. The way his characters show tiredness, sadness, sarcasm, enthousiasm... the combination of such alive drawing with bitterly cynical criticism, as well as a comic strip that doesn't obey any of the genre's rules, make Non Sequitur one of the most unique syndicated strips in the business.
If you don't like today's strip, come back tomorrow and you'll love that one. With subjects constantly switching between current events, philosophy, the battle of the sexes, being a parent, reincarnation, being a kid, and endless others, how can this strip ever bore anyone ?
If it was anatomically possible I'd give this strip three thumbs up.

Click here to read "Non Sequitur" for yourself