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NOZZMAN - Dutch cartoonist

Nozzman, or Bram van Rijen, might have to forgive me for saying so, if he disagrees, but if I can say anything about his work, I'll have to say that he fits nicely in a line-up with the likes of Kamagurka, Gummbah, and the people behind Frietkaas.
As I wrote in the review of Wulffmorgenthaler, that more and more artists are taking experimental trips into the absurd. Well, Nozzman can be added to the line-up quite easily.
His stuff is awesome, but really, do I need to even review this site ? If you've been reading Zone 5300, then you've seen his work, and a lot of it. If you haven't, you should be ashamed of yourself and at the least check the site out.

A lot of the stuff is in Dutch, but very recently he also founded this site:, where some of his cartoons have been translated into English (not to mention that that entire site is set up in English).

Click here to surf Nozzman's site for yourself