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The PC Weenies - Krishna M. Sadasivam
main characters: Bob, Pam, Milton, Sonia, Grampa, Robo. (Yes ! A cast page !)
appears Monday, Wednesday, Friday - in English only

The PC Weenies is kind of your run-of-the-mill parody of modern life. It's staged around a family balancing between geeks and the people who have to put up with them. The style looks ok, the jokes are reasonably funny from time to time, and on a personal note, the author appears to be a nice guy (he and I exchanged a few emails in the past).
If you enjoy entertaining, light-hearted looks at tech fetishes, corporate behaviour at home, or if you want to familiarize yourself with a comic that has been running on the web since 1998, this one's worth checking out.

Click here to read "The PC Weenies" for yourself