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Penny Arcade - Mike 'Gabriel' Krahulik & Jerry 'Tycho' Holkins
main characters: Gabe & Tycho themselves
appears almost bidaily - in English only

Penny Arcade can be viewed as a distant relative of Goobs, in the sense that this is a comic about two guys who are very much into computer games and such lovely geeky stuff. The style distantly resembles that of Goobs, as well.
However, Penny Arcade and Goobs differ quite a lot, as well. Penny Arcade is mostly about computer games, whereas Goobs is a lot more about sci-fi series. And where the sarcastic roommates-relationship between the Goobs is usually quite clear, the relationship between Gabe and Tycho is harder to discover. Also, though this is a personal judgement, I think Goobs is a lot more compatible with a mainstream sense of humour, whereas Penny Arcade will appeal more to hardcore gamers.
This doesn't make Penny Arcade a bad comic, at all. I liked it a lot, I found the humour witty and still quite accessible. I personally envy the drawing style which is clear and yet very playful. The characters look great, the colours appeal to me greatly (even a bit more than Goobs' colours), and in short, I think you should check this comic out.

Click here to check out "Penny Arcade" for yourself