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HET PLEZANTE POTLOOD - Belgian comics/animation community

Wow, as I just now checked the site again before writing this little review, there turns out to be a big banner in the Links on this site. And that's no coincidence, the main man behind this little Belgian initiative to form a community for Belgian amateur but promising comic artists is called Béné van Gansbeke, who also joined in the past and has been publishing comics loyally on here as well for a while.
That's right, it's a small world. However, his community is worth looking into as well, because they seem a lot more focussed on Belgium, and are eagerly reaching out for other local communities there. So if you want to browse the (Flash) site of a young, enthousiastic site established to unite Belgian semi-professional comic artists, you should definately check it out.

Click here to surf the site of Het Plezante Potlood for yourself