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THE PARKING LOT IS FULL - Jack McLaren & Pat Spacek
main characters: not applicable
appears weekly - in English only

McLaren and Spacek have a weekly comic/cartoon going that looks like a bad clone of Dr.Fun. Ok, that was harsh. Too harsh. But I did feel like pointing out the resemblance.
Truth is, PLIF is ok, and if I never read Dr.Fun before, I would probably really like it. I still do like it, but every episode I read makes me realise that there's better comics out there.
Having established that, I have to fully admit PLIF is worth checking out. The style is clear and appealing, the jokes have a consistent absurdist taste to them, and a lot of people enjoy reading it. And despite what I said, I occasionally come back for peeks, too. The site also comes with the possibility to respond to each week's comic - which makes the criticism on the reoccurring Rocko & Socko strips hilarious to read.
[Note from the reviewer: Recently, this weekly comic strip was cancelled by its authors. The archive is still up but they put up a notice that no new material for PLIF will come out anymore.]

Click here to read "The Parking Lot Is Full" for yourself