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RAY MAN - Belgian comic artist

If I had a nickle for every friend that saw Ray Man material lying around my house and wondered out loud if the artist and the computer game are one and the same, I'd have.. well, a few nickles. And can I just answer to that.. NO, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME !!
Ray Man's work is awesome, especially his drawing style. The first story I ever read of his was 'Inspiratorium' which appeared in Zone 5300 and I immediately envied the guy - *I* wanted to have been able to think of that story, and draw it like that, damnit !
What can I say.. Mark Horemans (the name he, according to his little autobiography, got from his parents and changed into Ray Man when his drawings got a little less bad) is an European Comics-hero-to-be. Just sit and wait. This guy could become very big.
Oh, and his site looks pretty nice, also.

Click here to surf RayMan's site for yourself