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Reasons Why We Rule - Matt Frankenfield & Justin Moyer
main characters: Matt & Justin
appears daily - in English only

This comic is hilarious - I kid you not. Reasons Why We Rule deals with things the artists want to rant about, or that amaze them, or that simply just came up in their weird imaginations.
And it's amazing how good the art stays while there's just one guy drawing the comic, and he has a full education to deal with on the side. The originality of the pages, the catchy colours, there's too much to name. This is a must-check-out-before-you-die.
But what *really* made me love this site is two episodes... strips 86 and 109.. where the artist vents his frustration with resp. sprite comics and stickmen comics. Genius stuff !!

Click here to check out "Reasons Why We Rule" for yourself