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Sandra de Haan - Dutch comic artist

Now here's an artist that's on the brink of fame. Well, if you define fame as soon-to-be-published-in-Zone 5300, that is.
Even in the rather free-spirited Dutch comic industry, female comic artists are a rarity. There's a few, sure, but that's about all of them, and they're mostly doing - I'm gonna get bonked on the head for this by someone, no doubt, but hey, it's my review, and I need to speak my truth - 'girly stuff'.
Sandra de Haan, however, is an interesting new little star in the sky. Which immediately becomes clear when you visit her site: the navigation itself is absolutely original and creative. And it immediately sets the tone: Sandra, right at the opening screen, sitting at her desk, saying 'How nice of you to drop by ! Would you like some coffee ? Something else ?'
This comic is about Sandra. About her life, her thoughts, emotions, hopes, dreams, desillusions.. yes, 'girly stuff'. But in a relativating, sometimes even cynical, and undenyably charming (even funny), way.
I think all Sandra needs to become a Big Name in the Netherlands, is the masses being more exposed to her work. I hope this link review adds a bit to that. Watch her, she might be the next big thing in Dutch comics. (At least in the 'girly' ones...)
And get this.. her comics are both in Dutch and English !!

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