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In 2004, there was a lot of commotion because the original organisation of the Stripdagen Haarlem, the biggest (bi-annual) comics convention in the Netherlands, basically resigned relatively shortly before the Stripdagen and nobody really knew what was going to happen.
Seemingly out of nowhere, Stichting Beeldverhaal Nederland appeared like a kind of Superman to the resque. They ended up organising a very nice 2004 edition of the Stripdagen but as their site makes clear, they're not MERELY the organisation behind Stripdagen Haarlem. They're much, much more.
To translate a quote from their site: What does the Stichting Beeldverhaal Nederland do ?
The Stichting Beeldverhaal Nederland wants to improve the development and quality of comics and the culture connected to it, at least that's what it says in the regulations.
[...] Besides the Haarlemse Stripdagen, the SBN actively tries to realise their goals in different ways:
- The educational programme "Comics and education" researches and improves since 2004 that comics are utilised in education.
- 'Comics online' is a new activity of the SBN that aims at a development recognized by various comics connaisseurs (amongst whom, for instance, Scott McCloud): Comics are more and more often produced using computers, distributed via the internet and in other ways influenced by computers and internet. The world of animation and comics are closely aligned. During the Stripdagen 2004 we organised three modest activities that started off 'Comics online'.
- Et cetera.

The site is easy to navigate, informative, and gives you a clear idea of what they're all about. You can also contribute your ideas, discuss on the forum, etcetera.
If you want to be actively involved in the cultural development of comics in the Netherlands, or are just interested in what this is all about, you should definately go check it out.

Click here to surf the Stichting Beeldverhaal Nederland site for yourself