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SCARY GO ROUND - John Allison
main characters: Tim Jones, Tessa Davies, Rachel Dukakis-Monteforte, Shelley Winters, Ryan Beckwith, Len Pickering, Amy Chilton, Hugo Rodriguez, Fallon Young
updated daily - in English only

Now THIS is what I like to see. A cast overview - not an excessive luxury in a comic like this, where the humour revolves all around the specific, rather off-centre characters who you can otherwise only get to know better if you read through the rather MASSIVE archive.
Scary Go Round is a daily comic of running stories that centre around a cast of young, reasonably beautiful but odd characters, It all started on the 4th of June, 2002, and it's been running strong every since. Storylines are nicely grouped in thumbnails with titles below each of the pages as you scroll, which is a very convenient feature if you're only interested in one story or if you have left off reading the archive halfway one of them.
I can honestly say I enjoy this comic, though it's far from hilarious. It has its own subtle, off-beat, weird-perspective-on-the-world sense of humour, and that forms a solid base for some charming but quite strange stories, that usually end up the cast pretty much back where they were so the next story can take off again.
If you want to take a daily little trip into a charming little strange world where everything and everyone's just slightly out of synch with what we call reality, you'll no doubt love this. The style is also quite charming - the lack of drawing outlines makes it look like a very artistic, more realistic version of South Park, but is far from actually comparable.
I'll leave it up to you to decide wether that means South Park is better or much, much worse.

Click here to read "Scary Go Round" for yourself