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SCRIBBLY - Jean Paul Arends
main characters: Scribbly, Quibus, Zark, Draakje, Doe-ran, Dr.Psylo
appears daily - in Dutch only

Scribbly is awesome. Jean Paul Arends has, upon occasion, accidentally shown that he can draw, but Scribbly displays a range of quick-drawn characters, bad perspective, simple and absurdist jokes, and many more things the average reader doesn't like. And the readers of the free daily Dutch news paper Metro aren't afraid to let him know, either.
So what's so funny about it ? Everything ! Arends even mocks the readers who send him hatemail, by making puns on the fact that the perspective is always wrong, or that the jokes are lame.. He mocks himself by making every plot twist even more far-fetched, and then make the characters say so, too.
The Dutch webcomic Robbert calls itself a 'Dutch dadaist comic strip', but in my honest opinion, Arends deserves to be called the one true Dutch Dadaist comic artist.
Viva Scribbly !

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