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SINFEST - Tatsuya Ishida
main characters: Slick, Monique, God, Fanboy, The Devil, and several other wacked characters
appears daily - in English only

Tatsuya Ishida is hard to place. His drawing style isn't quite anime, isn't quite american, isn't quite european.. it's just Ishida. The style is irresistably cute, and every slightest ink molecule in his pictures breathes life to his foulmouthed, justabout-adolescent characters.
The language and jokes in Sinfest are on the verge of being PG-13, and don't ever show these strips to a truly religious person and expect him/her to laugh about God playing with handpuppets.
Personally, I fell for each of the characters since strip 1, and continued to love them as they explored the essences of art, philosophy, religion, sex and selling your soul.
Try one whiff of this, and you'll come back for it every day. I can nearly guarantee that.
Oh, and Monique, if you ever read this, drop me a line.

Click here to read "Sinfest" for yourself