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SKETCHBOOK - Jeff Crowther
main characters: Jebediah/Abe, Mavis, Phistus
summary: Strange boy (is his name Patrick or Abe ?!) moves to a new town and meets new friend Mavis. He likes to scribble drawings, and after being beat up by the school bully, he suddenly finds himself being able to switch inbetween two realities. The other reality relies on him to survive, in a yet to be revealed way.

The art is very good, though a bit overdone on the cartoonesque side. The story moves at a very agreeable speed. Crowther knows how to tell a story, that much is clear.
Shortly ago, Crowther signed up with Modern tales, which means Sketchbook now appears regularly, and you also have to pay for the story. However, Crowther made a deal that the first episode of Sketchbook, as well as the newest one at any given time, will always be available for free through his website.
So the two episodes up right now will likely not make much sense. I have read the full tale before the Modern Tale stuff came around, and I have to admit, the story's worth it. So if you like the first episode, I recommend paying a visit to Modern Tales.
Enjoy !

Click here to read "Sketchbook" (at Oddity Comics) for yourself